The artist talks us through her new emotional single and her musical career so far.

We know it’s Friday and the party vibes are in full effect, but sometimes we need to slow things down slightly after a hectic week, and Cody Frost is doing the job for us. Honing in on her remarkable ability to capture raw emotions, the burgeoning artist holds nothing back for her latest single “(I should) take better care”, as she releases a barrel of honesty and warmth over a melodic piano-led production. Breathing fresh air into an acoustic soundscape, the singer hoarsely croaks through the single, and serves up a passionate conclusion.

Speaking on the single, the singer said, “This song is about the process of admitting that you’re struggling, I find it hard to admit when I’m sad, or when I need help, so it’s a reminder that I’m not the only one.”

Accompanying the single with an official stripped-back live recording, the singer delivers a whirlwind of personality and control for her performance, while keeping things simple for the production. With her EP out now and a follow-up on the horizon, we caught up with Frost talking her musical career so far and how this track was hard to write.

Check out the single below now…

Hey Cody! How has this year been treating you so far?
I’ve been lucky enough to be releasing music which has been super exciting for me, but I think, like everyone else, it’s been a little hard, getting back to working full time. Again, I’m lucky to have things to look forward to though!

How would you say growing up in a musical capital like Manchester influenced your sound?
Although I didn’t technically grow up in Manchester, I did spend a lot of time busking there and I don’t live too far from it, I do hope to live there soon though! It’s an amazing place and I have made so many good memories there, the music venues there are insane! I do come from a really working-class town called Burnley, I have a love-hate relationship with it here, I always miss it when I leave.

Besides music you’re also an insanely talented tattoo artist – what’s the craziest thing you’ve tattooed so far?
I like to tattoo weird shit, so nothing is too out of the ordinary for me. I did just tattoo some of my favourite pieces that I drew at the start of the pandemic. I was in a dark headspace at the start of all this so one of them was a nun with a plague doctor mask, but yeah, I love weird tattoos!

What did the pandemic teach you about both of your crafts?
I learnt that I could be a commissioned artist and potentially survive from it which is kinda nice, but I also learnt to not force my art. And that it’s okay to take a break.

How has the reaction been from fans to your music thus far?
Amazing! I can’t even describe how it feels for people to hear my music. The support has been incredible too, so many people that have following my career since I was a teenager have stuck by and waited for me, and I’m so grateful for that!

Congratulations on your latest track, “(I should) take better care” – what were you trying to say with the track?
This song was hard to write for me, it felt a little too raw, a little too uncomfortable. I do hope that people take comfort in the fact that they aren’t the only one, cause that’s the main sentiment of the song I guess.

You mentioned the track hurt a little to write – do you often find catharsis when you write songs?
I do, I only really write based on true stories or about something I’m feeling at the time, I was crying all the way through writing this song haha, I must’ve needed it.

Who would you say inspires your sound?
So many people! It’s hard to even pick a few to write, but I would say me and my producer take inspiration from so many people, but in the context of the new song Dan (Weller, producer) is probably one of them! He encouraged me to open up and be honest about my darkest feelings with this song. But of course, I have to mention Enter Shikari and MCR, they are my biggest influences!

Can we expect an EP or studio album any time soon?
So, yes! EP one is out this summer, EP 2 may also be on the horizon this year!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
More music releases! I have something coming out soon that is probably one of my favourite things I’ve done yet, I can’t wait to share it! Maybe some live gigs too? We shall see!


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