We’re going down the virtual rabbit hole for the trio’s new trippy single.

Drex Carter and Redveil
Drex Carter and Redveil

Since The Matrix landed on our screens way back when, we’ve all at some point questioned whether we’re living in real life or a computer-made simulation? For duo Drex Carter and Redveil, this question spawned into a trippy new track that invites us down the virtual rabbit hole. Pushing the boundaries on lo-fi hip-hop, the dup takes us on a woozy experimental journey with Monte Booker-approved sensibilities and chill step vibes. Accompanying the single with a kaleidoscopic video, the two invites us into their own fantasy, as they navigate a foreign object that transforms everything they once knew.

Speaking on the track, Drex Carter said, “’Live From The Matrix’ is our first step into the new digital world. We want to push the boundaries of how music is consumed and what it represents. The journey of this song, video, and NFT experience is just the beginning. Don’t let anyone define what your art needs to look like or how it’s released. Create without limitations and don’t ask for permission.”

Taking a step into the digital world for the single, the duo have also intricately crafted their own NFT, which is set to be released alongside the single. With no details on what it could be – only that it will be released on NFT marketplace Ghostmarket – it’s fair to say these three are embracing the online world with open arms.

Check out the single below now…