Soap brows, Q-tip lipstick, and that glowy Bella Hadid make-up trick? Only the best makeup tips and tricks going viral right now.

Love it or hate it, TikTok has literally blown up this past year, with the latest trends and music all being birthed and made viral by Gen Z and a handful of us millennials. From “Savage” dances to virtual runway shows, 2020 was the year of the challenges. But for 2021, TikTok has taken on board a whole new obsession: “how to” hacks. Considering that we’ve spent the last year doing DIY haircuts and faux nails, this latest trend is being welcomed with open arms – especially as we’re soon to be venturing out again.

Thanks to TikTok, we’ve so far discovered soap brows, “skinminimalism” and wash-out hair tints – scroll down to see the rest.

Soap brows

Now, you know we’ve raved about this the past year, but trust us when we say it is a life-changing hack. Putting eyebrow gel and pomades on the back burner, the new trend sees avid TikTok users putting soap containing glycerin over their brows in order to keep them in check all day long. Now we know what you’re thinking, does this actually work? According to many beauty gurus, the trend is a must, as it does the job of many eyebrow products for a fraction of the cost.

Lip contour

Remember when everyone found the closest mini cup and sucked in as hard as possible in order to achieve Kylie Jenner’s infamous lips? What a time to be alive. But because this caused major health concerns for some, social media had to find another way to replicate the influencer’s famous pout, and apparently tanning lotion does the trick. Lightly contouring the outer side of the lips, the growing trend sees various users dab some self-tanning on the bow of the lips in order to create a shadow, creating that lip filler illusion – move over Kylie.

Cat eyeliner

For years, we’ve been perfecting that sharp winged eyeliner to add that extra bit of drama to our look. But this hack just made things a whole lot easier. Sticking your lashes halfway across your eye instead of in the corner, allows your eye to have a more daring cat-look vibe. Fill in the gaps with eyeliner, and you’re looking like Maddy straight out of Euphoria.

Bake before

Okay, so this has been around for a while thanks to Auntie Jackie Aina on YouTube, but as soon as TikTok caught wind of it, it has taken off exponentially. Gone are the days of us baking our faces with layers of Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and praying that we don’t get flashback, as the new trick means before you put on your foundation, you layer your face with dabs of powder. Now we know this sounds backward and goes against the rules of makeup, but trust us when we say this new hack allows your makeup to last longer and stay beat for those extra precious hours.

The Bella Hadid trick


Trying the Korean beauty hack Bella Hadid SWEARS BY!!! #beautyhacks #makeuphacks #makeuptutorial #jamsu

original sound – ALISSIA

We’re going to keep it real with you, we don’t recommend trying this if you’re in a pinch or going out to meet the gang for drinks, as it can go one of either two ways. Made famous by supermodel Bella Hadid, the hack involves you dipping your freshly beat face into warm water and gently patting down the excess. The trick is supposed to give you that Hadid glow that so many people try to achieve. But sometimes, the results haven’t been as glorious, so we suggest you try it on a quiet day.

The Q-tip hack

Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan discovered the trick back in ’18, but this hack is needed if you don’t have a steady hand. Slotting a Q-tip in between your mouth, you can easily apply your lipstick or gloss of choice without creating a smeary mess on the corners of your lips. When you take the swab away, you are left with a clean-cut finish with no smudges.


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