The singer navigates his very own blend of alt-pop and emo for his new single.


Taking us back to when My Chemical Romance and Avenged Sevenfold ruled the airwaves is alt-emo pioneer Issermann with “Throated”. Building upon his experimental reputation, the singer flits between alt-pop and rock, using his throaty vocals to guide us through the heavy production. After finding his voice as a metal singer, Issermann embarks on an impressive production for his latest single, using hard-hitting tones and vocals to deliver a heartfelt message. “Throated” marks the fifth and last release from his mini video series for his album Demons, and sees the singer keeping things simple for his final venture, as he delivers an emotional performance under a grey stormy sky – reflecting his tumultuous head space and raging inner conflict.

“’Throated’ is a song about a very specific period of my life. Somehow working against myself, I was desperately frozen, unable to do the things I wanted and loved. This resulted in an enormous level of anxiety, watching myself acting in such a weird self-destructive manner. It was stuck in my throat, I could actually feel the lump, similar to the expression. It made me gag and it made me sick. In ‘Throated’, I personify and have a dialogue with this entity inside me. Like another version of myself within me whose actions I do not understand. Smoking cigarettes, unable to act, this was a seminal moment in my self-care journey and development. Earlier last year as I was singing on one of those hip-hop beats I produced for another south London rapper, I came up with this guttural broken voice and it connected me back to that time. This other voice, other entity and this broken throat.”

Spending this past year cultivating his very own “Issermann Family” through multiple online shows and live streams, the singer is ready to return to the stage later this year, due to raise the bar on his already eccentric performances.

Check out the video and single below now…