The musical collective offer their new funk-filled tune, which comes accompanied by a set of cheeky lyrics and a retro music video.

New Noise Pattern Pusher
New Noise Pattern Pusher

It is safe to say that post-lockdown, we are all ready to inject some positivity into our lives. Well, Pattern Pusher is the three-piece musical collective that is on a mission to do just this with their new track “Come Along”. Featuring blaring instrumentation and the sounds of 60s and 70s funk, the offering is a summer anthem worthy of the name. With the infectious high-energy tune enchanting those who hear it with feel-good vibes, it takes effect instantly as flirty lyrics and vintage-sounding vocals complete the track.

“The song has a number of meanings to me, it’s a bit naughty in nature – about enticing others into your good time,” explains the band’s vocalist Alex. “I’ve been loving hearing people’s theories on the song’s message. It was written straight after the first UK lockdown on a summer’s day jamming in Ben – our drummer’s – backyard.”

The track also comes accompanied by a set of funky visuals. Hazy scenes filled with glittering disco balls and sliver streamers add to the retro feel of the song, as we see Alex, Benny G and Benjamin C decked out in vintage ‘fits whilst rocking out to their tune. And, with the band deep in the midst of songwriting and promising the release of autumn tour dates soon, it is clear that “Come Along” is just one of many exciting releases we can expect from them this year.

Check out our interview with Pattern Pusher below….

Hi guys, how have you been? Have the unprecedented events of the last year impacted your work at all?
Benny G (Bass & Guitars): Hello! We’re doing great thank you! It’s been a hard year for everyone. We try to be a glass-half-full kind of band, so we stayed positive as we watched plans melt away and instead took the opportunity to look inwards and really focus on the music.

How did you all meet and go on to form a band?
Benjamin C (Drums): Alex used to run a jam night in an old dusty bar in Exeter, the drum kit had holes in the skins and the guitars had missing strings. One night we all ended up on the stage at the same time and during a rendition of Bill Withers, something clicked. I’m pretty sure I was using some wooden spoons as drumsticks…
Benny G: Those jam nights were so fun, having a laugh and cutting our teeth. We started off as a protest against all the gloomy bands out there. Those ones that look so bored and like they’re too cool to even smile. That’s not me. If I’m up there I want to be bringing joy to people. There’s already enough reasons to be depressed in the world, I’d hope we can give people one reason to be happy.

Can you talk us through your musical inspirations?
Alex (Vocals & Keys): My dad brought me up on a healthy diet of retro sounds, New Orleans blues, the best British 60s and 70s bands, Motown and Soul. I’m grateful to have been shown great piano singer-songwriters like Donny Hathaway, Ray Charles, Allen Toussaint, Elton John, Jackson Browne the list goes on.
Benjamin C: My upbringing was mainly based on rock so I will always have that in my playing, I was definitely an Emo in secondary school. It wasn’t until college when I started playing music with other people that my tastes expanded. From there I got into more groove-based music, drummers such as Steve Jordan and Bernard Purdie became my new idols.
Benny G: I love everything from ambient electronica through to full-on cheese pop. I’ve got a real passion for anyone willing to take a few risks in the production, give me something new and exciting!

Congratulations on your new track “Come Along”, can you tell us a bit about it? What is the message at the heart of it?
Alex: Thank you! The song has a number of meanings to me, it’s a bit naughty in nature – about enticing others into your good time. I’ve been loving hearing people’s theories on the song’s message. It was written straight after the first UK lockdown on a summer’s day jamming in Ben – our drummer’s – backyard.

How do you want people to feel when they are listening to the song?
Benny G: Energy! It’s such an important thing to capture. We’re heavily inspired by music of the 60s and 70s, particularly Motown, funk, soul and disco where you can almost hear the blood, sweat and tears on the tape. They were limited with their choices and the imperfections gave the record’s character. In modern studios, we have every possible sound and an undo button. It’s easy to obsess about every detail, but that often leads you down a dark path where you’ve eventually wiped the track so clean it’s lost all individuality. I can only hope that the raw excitement we feel in the studio comes across as energy out the speakers!

New Noise Pattern Pusher Camera
New Noise Pattern Pusher Camera

The track also comes accompanied by a set of very funky visuals. How was filming for the music video?
Benjamin C: It was hilarious, we didn’t really have our outfits sorted so we just had a room full of vintage suits and pieces laid out. We pulled in clothes from anywhere we could, our manager had a great faux fur coat that belonged to her grandmother, and Mason who plays the sound engineer actually dresses like his character and owns hundreds of 70s style clothes.
Benny G: We had the mirror ball going all day long, it felt like our own private disco.

From winning the Glastonbury Pilton competition to supporting Wolf Alice, it is clear that you have already had quite an exciting career. What would you say has been your career highlight so far?
Benjamin C: Winning the Pilton Party has to be up there, but one memorable moment happened driving around Birmingham while touring last year. We were listening to Radio 6 and Steve Lamacq happened to be in our hometown Exeter for Independent Venue Week. The Exeter Cavern had tipped us as their band to represent the city, the vibe between us in the cabin of that van was nuts. It’s times like these where success and camaraderie come together that is what it’s all about!

If you could collab with another musical talent, who would it be?
Alex: Mark Ronson would be a dream producer and writer, he fits our sound of retro meets disco. I bet he’d have some incredible stories from working with great artists like Amy Winehouse and Tame Impala.

You have a few tour dates lined up, are you excited about the prospect of returning to live performances again?
Alex J: We’re looking forward to bringing the new songs out. It’s gonna be a hell of a party this summer!
Benny G: I can’t wait. It’s where this band was born! We’ve got loads of energy stored up ready to go!

Have you got any exciting projects in the pipeline? Are there any that you are keen to start on?
Benjamin C: We are excited to say that we’ve been working with the super talented songwriter and producer Luke Simpkins on some new music so watch this space! And of course, we are keen for the live gigs coming up, we have a tasty set for you all! We have a number of festivals confirmed such as Rock Oyster and The Great Estate in Cornwall. We are supporting Will and The People near Exeter on the 25th of September and have headline dates at The Cavern in Exeter and at Paper Dress vintage in London in November with further tour dates to be announced.
Alex J: The new demos feel like a step up again, it’s given us such a buzz working on them! We can’t wait to get out playing again and are looking forward to Rock Oyster fest, Great Estate fest, supporting Will and the People at Loft Barber Sessions, as well as our own shows coming up in London and Exeter Cavern. We’re also announcing autumn tour dates very soon….


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