After having a breakout 2020, the rising rapper covers our Summer 21 issue.

ENNY Cover
ENNY Cover

“But I just kept telling myself it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and so there’s no way to measure success. I just have to keep doing what I was doing initially and just make music. Wherever it takes me, it takes me.“

Late last year, while the world’s eyes were intently focused on politically charged movements such as Black Lives Matter, a quiet rupture was formed as the confident yet reserved rapper Enny made her breakthrough moment with her second single “Peng Black Girls.” Capturing the attention of the entire UK, the young burgeoning rapper exploded onto the scene and landed with a powerful statement. Almost a year on, the rapper is gearing up to release her debut project this summer. With expectations and pressures at an all-time high for the star, Enny talks us through her initial reaction to the single, dealing with her newfound fame, and how she’s determined to serve up music with a message.

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