From Little Simz’s directorial debut, a new Aly & AJ album, and Slayyyter’s pivot to noise pop, the girls are keeping us fed in this week’s music playlist.

Little Simz Woman Wonderlist
Little Simz Woman Wonderlist

Slayyyter – “Over This!”

Troubled Paradise is nearly here gays and girls! Seeing as we still have to wait an entire month until the rising star’s debut album, “Over This!” does a sensational job of tiding us over until then. Instead of straight-up pop, Slayyyter meanders into Sleigh Bells territory with screeching guitars and sirens aplenty. It’s suffice to say we’ll be devouring this for weeks to come.

Aly & AJ – a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun

It’s folky, poppy, and totally gorgeous – but we suppose you could say that about any offering from our favourite musical duo, Aly & AJ. We reckon the title of their latest album takes the cake for the longest album name we’ve EVER heard. It also boasts some of the best songs of their career too, but that’s by the by. Whether you’re streaming “Paradise” or “Symptom Of Your Touch”, the vibes are sure to be impeccable with this one.

Little Simz – “Woman”

We believe in Little Simz supremacy – plain and simple. After a successful stint playing the best character on Top Boy (we love you Shelley!), Simz is back to changing the face of music as we know it, starting with her latest single – “Woman”. Doubling as her directorial debut, the mellow tune has got it all, from grand visuals and gorgeous frocks to mellow grooves and soulful ruminations on womanhood. This new album of hers really is gonna be the tits, isn’t it?

Super Disco Club – “We Are One”

Transforming Lime’s “Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight” into a brand new, high-octane banger altogether, Andy and Cassie Van have done it again, bridging the dangerous gap between nostalgic club classics and the new wave of disco in a way that’s absolutely delectable. Hats off to the pair of them!

JP Saxe – “Like That”

Grammy-nominated singer JP Saxe is pretty much the king of indie ballads. Joining us this Friday with new track “Like That”, Saxe reveals the tune is sort of like the sequel to the first track he ever wrote with pop powerhouse Julia Michaels. “That song is about who you would want to be with if everything went to shit,” he says, “this song is about who was with you when everything did go to shit.” How very romantic indeed…

kezia – “south! (feat. NAYANA IZ)”

kezia is taking us straight back to the 90s in this VHS-filmed ode to the art of video vixen-ry. With killer melodies and sick bars, this laid-back masterpiece was practically made for chilling out in the sun, blasting out of a bassy speaker as you and your amigos catch up on life over tins of 5% cocktails – now that’s the life.

Safenath – “SKY BLUE (feat. Tyegreen)”

Mixing fast-paced flows and with tinges of 80s arcade machine production, Safenath is on to a good’un with this UK Hip Hop classic. Any song that samples Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma” deserves all the success in the world, so we’ve got big, big dreams for this track.

Mabes – “Sugar Rush”

Slow twanging guitars, smooth-as-butter vocals, and a cheeky earworm of a whistle chucked in for good measure? Mabes’ new track has it all, a potent and nostalgic take on pop that channels the energy of all our favourite Nashville Country stars. Americana-revival has never sounded so good.

Cosha – “Run The Track”

Cosha’s latest dark R&B banger is as rhythmic as it is sexy, written about the bizarre stages of early courtship where you just can’t figure someone out. Each sweet synth of the Rostam Batmanglij-produced tune represents those fleeting feelings of love, lust and trust that separate your head and your heart, so effortlessly capturing a battle of the wills that’s never as straightforward as it seems.

Leïti Sene – “T-Rex”

Leïti Sene is one of Spain’s most revered rising talents, besting not only the world of music but also the world of acting (see Netflix’s Elite). His new single “T-Rex” puts his newfound fame into perspective, analysing the good, the bad, and the downright ugly as the star transforms into an unrecognisable beast through losing himself in the limelight. This is a must-watch, so stop reading and get to playing!


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