Introducing the Ukraine-based indie rock trio fighting for change with their grungey and politically-charged cuts.


How would you go about changing the world? For Ukraine-based indie rock band VINOK, their dreams of a better, more accepting future come from within.

Whether they’re spreading a message of change, giving a voice to the marginalised, or straight-up spotlighting the many problems we all face in society, the band see their music as a powerful tool to make a difference. Fusing experimental rock styles, garage, pulp grunge and sometimes even hip-hop with musings on the current state of politics, VINOK’s mission is to bring awareness to those parts of life we don’t see in movies or listen to on the radio, and to make us feel it all in the process.

This brings us to their latest track – “river” – a harrowing tale of redemption that hinges on the pain one must endure in order to be set free, alluding to the work of influential American novelist Flannery O’Connor. “We have been inspired by much of Flannery O’Connor’s bold, truthful, gothic and often violent writing style,” explains Nathalie, the band’s lead vocalist, of the track. Their drummer Ilya agrees, elaborating: “For some, river can be seen as a tragedy but for us it is definitely a story of redemption.”

With twangs of emotion and exhilaratingly deep syncopated rhythms, “river” will take you on the ride of your life, packing a musical punch so haunting and ethereal you’ll be speechless for days. As their fourth release of the year, the track precludes the imminent arrival of their first full-length album, teasing just the right amount of raucous energy to keep you going until they drop – what is sure to be – an instant classic.