Following on from his viral debut single “Kodak”, the social media star returns with a new single.


We’ve had our fair share of social media stars-turned-artists over the years, but none have done it quite like Bedford-hailed Pat. Combining his love for Devlin and JME, the artist delivers a heartfelt message throughout his music, and his latest single “White Air Forces” is no different. Off the back, of his viral single “Kodak” the artist returns with a similar idiosyncratic style but with more witty wordplay and nostalgic flow.

Taken from his forthcoming debut project set for release sometime this year, the artist revealed to us that the single focuses on the perfect imperfections that you find in every relationship: “the imagery of the creased Air Forces used throughout the song aims to convey the message that no matter how hard you try to keep something perfect over time the wear and tear will start to show.”

Accompanying the track with a The End of the F***ing World-inspired video, Pat highlights the realism found within the single and brings it to life, creating a warming and comforting setting. With his mixtapes “Did You Mean?” And “PG spIT” racking in impressive numbers, we’re curious to see what the star has stored up for his new project.

Check out the video below…