That’s right – it really is Taylor Swift’s world, we’re just living in it.

Taylor Swift Fearless Taylor's Version
Taylor Swift Fearless Taylor's Version

Taylor Swift – Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

We can’t believe Taylor has blessed us with not one, not two, not 11, but 26 songs on her new and improved debut album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Swifties are turning “Fifteen” again, or embarking on a “Love Story”, and even remembering when T-Swift and Joe Jonas were a thing on “Mr Perfectly Fine”, with a couple of new tracks taken directly from the Swifty vault. We actually haven’t stopped replaying “You Belong With Me” all day, and we don’t plan too either. She’s got a point, she’s an icon, she’s a legend and she IS the moment.

Kirby – “Boyz II Men”

Kirby is giving us a little slice of heaven with her vocals on new track “Boyz II Men”. The wonderfully retro-futurist track is sprinkled with sudden tinges of jazz & R&B, forming the best kind of break up anthem. Kirby wants us to let go of stupid boys and start living for ourselves. It’s a message we can all get behind – and a task made easier considering how bloody catchy it is, too.


After a brief hiatus, you know, because of the pandemic, our favourite calamitous rap stars are back and hitting hard with their sixth title, ROADRUNNER. Rumour has it the supergroup recorded 3 different versions of the album before deciding on the final cut, with fans being able to purchase an iteration of the project celebrating each member in their own right. From the perpetually hyper “BUZZCUT (feat. Danny Brown)” to the hazily serene “DON’T SHOOT UP THE PARTY”, there’s a tune for every vibe on this masterpiece, so you best get cracking if you want to find your favourite.

NERVO – “Pickle (feat. Paris Hilton & Tinie Tempah)”

Yes, we know that this assortment of musical trailblazers is a bit odd, but stay with us. Here you have hip-thrustingly sexy production by Australian DJ twins Olivia and Miriam, the soft-spoken Queen of Juicy Couture herself delivering lines about sandwiches, and a burst of Tinie Tempah’s erotic rap prowess thrown in for good measure. The result is a track made for Tomorrowland or some other dance festival where you let loose and go totally bonkers, EDM at its most fun-loving and free…

Alice Merton – “Vertigo”

Putting some pep in our step, Alice Merton’s new rock-n-roll classic tells a story of the very illness from which it lends its name. Out on her own label – Paper Plane Records – inspiration for the track struck on a night out in Berlin. As Merton queued up for the club she felt a sudden, overwhelming head-rush, not like anything she’d experienced before. The sensation was so intense she had to take herself home. “I felt so helpless the next morning,” she recalls. “How is it possible to love playing in front of huge audiences, when you feel anxious about being judged by strangers in public? All I could think was, why can’t I let go?” Over distorted vocals and riotous guitar, Merton tells her story, and hopefully makes sense of such a peculiar moment too.

Fousheé – “gold fronts (Official Video) ft. Lil Wayne”

Self-love, self-care and female empowerment – these are the foundations of Fousheé’s latest track “gold fronts”. Stripped back to the very bones, the singer-songwriter is armed only by a plucky guitar and her signature, raspy croon on the track as she declares no one can take her shine. She’s even joined by rap heavy-weight Lil Wayne as the two frolick about a liquor store toting glass machetes filled with spirits and, of course, their tinnies of choice. We don’t know how we join this talented duo, but we definitely want in.

Unusual Demont – “Purple”

If you’ve been looking for a trippy, R&B fix, you’ve come to the right place. Unusual Demont’s “Purple” has all of those things and more, a slow-burning tune dripping with funk-filled rhythms and tantalising melodies. The whole track is sort of like a melting candle, revealing more and more as each chorus strips itself away and tails off into the next. If you don’t mind us, we’ll be spinning this all weekend, relaxing into the reverb, and, to be honest, just straight-up vibing.