The duo unites for a dreamy electronica-filled single.

lost navou
lost navou

There are some songs where one blast through the headphones, white noise melts away, and you’ll find yourself lost in the rolling melodies and unfamiliar eccentric sounds. For fans of producers Monte Booker and ZHU, newcomer narou invites us into his restless word for his new single “Lost”, whereby soothing synths bounce off Ava June’s amplified vocals and echo into the club-ready bass line. Pinging between lo-fi sensibilities and heady electronica, the producer exudes a sense of melancholy throughout the single, as June’s poignant and reflective lyricism introduces us to narou’s vulnerability felt during lockdown.

“What I like most about ‘Lost’ is the fact that it gives the listeners a feeling of hope and joy, while being quite sad and melancholic at the same time,” narou revealed about the single. “It is the perfect tune to do both: practice your dance moves or simply sit back and daydream. Lyrically, ‘Lost’ takes you on a vulnerable and honest journey, where the recurring pattern of losing one’s self in a romantic relationship is the main topic.”

Check out the single below…

narou · narou & Ava June – Lost