The vocalist explores vulnerability and past experiences with his latest song.

Reyn Hartley Premiere Fire In The Trees
Reyn Hartley Premiere Fire In The Trees

Artists often turn to past experiences and raw emotions when seeking inspiration for their next hit, and, with music being an emotional outlet for many, these seem to be the songs that resonate the most. This is exactly what emerging artist Reyn Hartley has done. With the release of “Fire In The Trees” marking the singer’s 5th original song debut, this unique composition offers us a vulnerable and honest look into his past.

Having survived a suicide attempt at the age of 19, Hartley’s lyrics offer his listeners a look into the pain and maturity necessary to emerge from a dark and hopeless place in life. The song itself paints the artist in a new musical light, one that is very different from the sultry and detached viral records which his fans know him for. Instead, “Fire In The Trees” is a fusion of 1950’s jazz and modern rap that features a live orchestra and guitars.

Reyn already has a viral presence, with the likes of Dove Cameron, Addison Rae and Lil Huddy all praising his work, and it is clear that his music has a lasting and deep impact on those who hear it. With his debut album Georgia on the horizon, we will be sure to keep a close eye on this rising star.

Listen to “Fire In The Trees” below…..

Reyn Hartley · Fire In The Trees