HBO’s female-centric sci-fi fantasy The Nevers, and Margot Robbie, Idris Elba and Pete Davidson hit up James Gunn’s R-rated The Suicide Squad in this week’s film and television to watch.

The Nevers

HBO, The Nevers

The Nevers
HBO, The Nevers

The Nevers

HBO is bringing us another sci-fi fantasy with the release of The Nevers. Set against the backdrop of Victorian London, the series follows a band of women, known as ‘The Touched’, that have acquired weird and wonderful powers. Faced with numerous enemies and a plethora of obstacles, the series promises to take us on a truly thrilling ride. And, with the likes of Eleanor Tomlinson and Laura Donnelly heading up this predominantly female cast, we can expect big things from the upcoming drama upon its release on April 11th.


It is always a little disconcerting when you sit down to watch the trailer for a horror series and eerily sweet and innocent music begins to play, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly the introduction you get to Amazon’s latest horror Them. The highly-anticipated series, which is the work of writer Little Marvin, takes us on a nail-biting journey through 1950’s California as a Black family moves into a supposedly idyllic neighbourhood. Unbeknownst to the family, the violent effects of racism will fuel their experience in their new home as the plot takes a dark and twisted turn. Providing all of the adrenaline and fright that is typical of horror with an extremely poignant display of racism in ‘50s America, this is definitely set to be an explosive series.

Shiva Baby

Navigating your college years is never easy, especially when you have an over-involved family. This is most certainly the case for Danielle, played by Rachel Sennott, in the upcoming comedy Shiva Baby. The film centres around a Shiva (a week-long Jewish mourning period) that the main character attends with her over-protective parents. While she is there, Danielle must overcome encounters with the likes of her ex-girlfriend and sugar daddy, who is in attendance with his baby-wielding wife. With director Emma Seligman positioning the movie as a coming-of-age representation of the lived experiences of young women everywhere, the movie is set to be full of laughs and will debut on Amazon on April 2nd.


It is safe to say that we all love that Friday feeling, but, when Monday rolls around reality strikes in an exhausting way. This is exactly the cycle of events that new romantic-drama Monday follows. While passion and lust fuel the initial reactions between main characters Mickey and Chloe, played by Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough, they must consequently navigate the aftermath of their care-free endeavours and the inevitable reality of the end of the weekend. The American-British-Greek drama, which is set in Athens, takes us on a hazy, passion-fuelled journey set to test the couple amidst their spontaneous romance.

Shoplifters of the World

We all know that fandoms are fierce and loyal, and the news of a band’s breakup can bring waves of upset and angst. Shoplifters of the World is the new film set to prove just how far fans are willing to go to further the legacy of their beloved bands. Set in 1987’s Denver, a group of four friends are grief-stricken over the news that their favourite band, the infamous group The Smiths, have broken up. However, chaos ensues as a local radio station is hijacked at gunpoint by a distraught fan demanding that The Smiths be played continuously throughout the night. This comedy is a fangirl fantasy and true love letter to the iconic British band.

The Suicide Squad

It’s here. Our first look at James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. With a star-studded cast, ranging from the likes of Idris Elba, Margot Robbie and Pete Davidson, our favourite band of movie misfits are back and as chaotic as ever. With the plot centring around the super-villains and their recruitment to the shady Task Force X, the latest instalment of the DC Comics-inspired films is set to grace our screens on August 6th.


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