The country-pop artist is here with her latest soul-baring song.

New Noise: Lindsay Ell Hits Me
New Noise: Lindsay Ell Hits Me

In need of a new music refresh? Well, you’re in luck, as Lindsay Ell is the rising star giving Taylor Swift a run for her money. The Canada-born Nashville-based star has been making waves with her effortless and heartfelt fusion of pop and country – and her new track “Hits Me” is no exception. Plucked from her sophomore album, heart theory, the sun-soaked tune combines punchy pop beats and emotionally-driven lyrics, all while showcasing Ell’s undulating vocals. Accompanied by pastel-fuelled visuals, we are offered a soul-baring narrative that explores the highs and lows of moving on from a relationship. We’ve all been there.

“This song was inspired by me being the epitome of an optimist,” explains Ell.” I usually try to wake up every day and make the best of it. However, sometimes when you’re navigating through life with all of its ups and downs, everything just ‘hits you’ at once.”

After being discovered at the tender age of 13, Lindsay has embarked on a musical education which has seen her touring alongside the likes of country stalwarts Luke Bryan and Keith Urban. Her list of accolades are unmatched with her talents – spanning across vocals, songwriting and instrumentals; and with a whirlwind year ahead, including her plans to start playing shows again, we will be keeping an eye on this rising star…

Check out our interview with Ell below!

Hi Lindsay – how have you been during this uncertain time? How has it impacted your music and creativity?
This past year has definitely been challenging in a lot of ways, but I also feel like we have all been given the incredible gift of perspective. I am so used to travelling 280+ days a year, and moving so fast that I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore. This past year I feel like I have been able to slow down and truly appreciate everything I do. It has been a really beautiful priority check on what is important in life, and can definitely guarantee all of that is coming out in the music I am currently writing. Since creating music is largely the way I process my emotions, writing is such an important part of my life. Cannot wait for you to hear this new music! 

How has Canada – where you’re from – and Nashville – where you’re based, influenced your music?
Canada is such a beautiful country, and I miss it often! I am lucky to have a lot of family and friends that I get to see often whenever we tour back home. Nashville is an incredible place to call my current home. I love the community here and am so grateful to be surrounded by the amazing people I am. These places defined who I have become and both shine through my music, because I always write from the most honest place possible.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?
It’s truly hard to summarise my musical inspirations in one list. But if I had to choose a few – for songwriting it would be Joni Mitchell, singers it would be Aretha Franklin, and guitar playing it would be Jimi Hendrix or Derek Trucks.

Congratulations on your new single “Hits Me”, which explores the pain of a break-up – what was it inspired by?
Thank you so much! I can’t even put into words how special it feels to see fans posting about Hits me. This song was inspired by me being the epitome of an optimist. I usually try to wake up every day and make the best of it. However, sometimes when you’re navigating through life with all of its ups and downs, everything just ‘hits you’ at once.

And what did you want to evoke with the vibrant music video?
I love music videos for how much they can bring a song to life. Each song off of heart theory has its own color, because I wanted the record to represent the spectrum of colors that we go through as humans as we feel the spectrums of emotions. So we went with that theme for the clip.

The single is taken from your personal concept album from last year, heart theory – did you expect it to receive the resounding success it did?
I am so grateful to see heart theory receive as much recognition as it has. As artists we put so much love into our records, that when they get listened to and appreciated from fans, it makes everything worth it.

How cathartic was it for you putting together the album? And where did you pull most of your inspirations from?
Songwriting to me is therapy. Everything I write really helps me process what I’m going through in life. I honestly don’t know what I would do without the creative outlet of getting to create music. I’m just so happy that you all want to listen to what I write so I can continue to do it!

For Valentine’s Day you performed tracks from your album in a charity #LiveRedesigned concert experience – why was this so special to you?
I love that being an artist allows me to give back in ways that the #LiveRedesigned show was all about. I think it’s a really special opportunity in quarantine to be able to livestream concerts when we can’t all go out to live shows in person. Seeing music and getting to feel that healing energy is so important, especially right now. With this show, not only did we get to finally do a real live show, but we got to give back to the industry that has done so much for me and my band.

How does it feel releasing music at such an uncertain time? What do you hope it brings you listeners?
I hope that my music brings healing to anyone who listens to it. That’s what I feel I get from the music that I love and have felt really connected to. Especially during a time like right now – I feel like everyone needs music more now than ever. We are all feeling so much right now, so having new music to surround our ears with has been such an important thing.

What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to in 2021?
I am so excited about this new music I am writing and can honestly not wait to get back out on the road to see fans. It has been way too long, and I miss seeing smiling faces in the crowd so much. Once it is all safe to do so, I will be on a plane ready to play some shows including the UK!