Lana Del Rey and Ivorian Doll steal the show in this week’s Wonderlist.

Ivorian Doll DRIP Wonderlist
Ivorian Doll DRIP Wonderlist

Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over The Country Club

COCC is here everyone! Yes, Lana Del Rey’s highly-anticipated seventh studio album has rode into town, ditching the orchestral flourishes of former efforts and instead replacing them with stripped back guitars and wistful country vocals. We’ve got an array of cinematic hits, collabs with alt-indie powerhouses, and a particularly ferocious whispered introduction on “White Dress” that’ll blow your ears clean off. Yeehaw, Lipsters.

Ivorian Doll – “DRIP” & “WTF” with Tayna

Wonderlist favourite Ivorian Doll is keeping us fed, no, scratch that, STUFFED with lyrical prowess in a double-whammy of hits this Friday. The first is “DRIP”, a GRM daily special made alongside UK rap stars such as Disturbing London, Tinie, Yxng Bane and Pound. Offering Ms. Doll a sultry change of pace and the resulting chorus lines are chock-full of the erotic. “WTF” featuring Tayna, however, circles back to the heavier drill flows we all know and love, with Doll’s lyrics firmly set on securing the bag.

George Eve – “Gates”

George Eve takes us on a sight-seeing trip across London in the video for his latest summery single – “Gates”. Be it riding the escalators for the tube or having a cheeky jaunt down the Soho strip, the sombre-indie tune has us dreaming of doing pretty much anything we once considered normal now that we’re stuck indoors. The song comes from a moment of total creativity for Eve during the first lockdown, which saw the singer completing a track almost every day until he formed the bones of his new EP – following “Gates” sometime this spring.

Ingrid Michaelson – “To Begin Again (feat. ZAYN)”

Ingrid Michaelson reminds us all to take a deep breath and let things go on “To Begin Again”. Written the night Biden won the US election, Michaelson was in awe of her neighbour’s jubilant celebrations. From pots and pans, horns and whistles, clapping, singing, it was a sigh of relief felt around the nation that ended with Michaelson at the piano, pouring her heart out into song. With finishing touches added by Sarah Aaron and ZAYN, the end result is a captivating duet signposting a year where we desperately dreamed of a better world.


Rostrum Records newcomer RUSSELL! isn’t afraid to get a little sexy on new track “FMU”. A lover of love and all things promiscuous, the Ontario-hailed star shows his romantic side with candle-lit baths, rose-petal-filled dinners and even some eyebrow-raising camcorder action, if you catch our drift. “Once I heard the guitar it felt quite daring and flirtatious, so I decided to write out that side of my personality and how I am with girls,” he says of the tropical R&B tune.

Hayden Everett – “Resolve”

Twinkly and sombre, Hayden Everett’s “Resolve” will be going straight into your sad-girl summer playlist. Everett is a musician who aims to capture the world’s small wonders in all he does, penning “Resolve” about feelings of apathy to rural adventures and everything life has to offer us away from technology. As a former National Park Ranger, Everett is besotted with the fleeting tranquility of nights spent under starry skies or beside soothing streams, encouraging us to look beyond our screens and venture out into the wild. Who knows, we might even enjoy it.

Charlotte Adigéry – “Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)”

Clubbers, rejoice! Charlotte Adigéry closes the Wonderlist with something we can dance to, the sexy and slinky “Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)”. Made with her partner Bolis Pupul over lockdown, the two tell a story of intimacy and vulnerability in a world full of confinement. With fractured disco synths cowering and grooving to Adigéry’s every word, the track is the first of many in a time capsule Adigéry has in the works evidencing why 2020 has been a cornerstone for the 21st century. I suppose we better get our spades ready…


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