The rising bedroom-pop artist talks new single “loaded gun” and what we can expect from their forthcoming EP.


It may still be the working day, but with all these music drops we’ve started the weekend early and already had the likes of Drake, Justin Bieber and bedroom-pop artist girlhouse on repeat. With her fresh and euphoric sound, the fast-rising artist is easing us into our two-day break with her latest vibrant cut “loaded gun”. Lifted from her forthcoming EP, the singer puts a spin on a dark story and turns it into a blissful guitar-led production that radiates feel-good vibes and indie-pop finesse.

Revealing that the single is one of the more uplifting takes from the EP despite is narrative of abuse of trauma, the singer opened up on it’s meaning, stating, “I feel like forgiving people from your past for abuse or neglect that happened to you when you were young and vulnerable is so important to start forgiving yourself, this song is a moment when I recognised inherited bad behaviour and wanting to take control of my future.”

Heavily inspired by the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, the EP is set to take us through a turbulent time for the singer, as she addresses her weariness of LA and what her surrounding scene offered her. With the release set for May 14, we sat down with the singer and talked he meaning of their name, her love for acting and living in Nashville.

Check out the single below…

Hey Lauren, how’s lockdown been? What’s one think you learned about yourself?
I had a solid six months of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and drinking way too much wine. It took me forever to catch on to a rhythm. I guess I learned it’s okay to hibernate for a minute, it’s not gonna be forever. Life has a flow to it and you gotta let it happen.

Has it affected your creativity in anyway?
I definitely never would have finished this EP without miss covid, so I gotta thank her for that.

Nashville has a huge music scene, what is it like living in such a musical city?
Nashville is awesome. There’s such a cool little indie pocket. Can’t wait for things to be less terrifying outside so we can go to shows again. It’s like living in a music festival during normal times.

Why the name girlhouse?
It was the name of a song from a band in Minneapolis and we just thought it was a vibe.

Congratulations on the new single, what was the creative process like during lockdown?
Thank you! I write most of the songs on my own and then I bring them to Tyler for us to produce them out. I’ve collaborated with a few other awesome producers too, Tyzo Bloom and Randall Kent.

The single really dives into some deep emotions, what was it like tapping into this mindset?
I write a lot of stuff stream of conscious style and then I work backwards and edit. A lot of the time I work through stuff through writing the lyrics. If anything is left unresolved I can usually tie it up in a bow through writing about it.

You’re set to release your EP May 14th, what can we expect?
I hope that people get to know me better when they listen to it!

You’ve appeared in Grimm and on Broadway, do you prefer acting or music?
Such completely different animals. I was always writing as I was acting. That world is so tough, I have so much respect for people that can commit to it or do it well. I love acting because I feel like I can disappear into another universe, but music is the complete opposite for me. You kind of have to be vulnerable with music or people will see right through you.

Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I love watching live shows. During this last year, I’ve been watching a ton of Audiotree and KEXP live performances to fill the live music void. I always feel like writing after an hour YouTube binge.

What can we expect from you aside from the EP/ what are you most excited for?
Hopefully a tour someday!


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