Nick Jonas drops the intergalactic title track to his new album, and Wolf Alice keep the teen dream alive in this week’s playlist.

Nick Jonas drops
Nick Jonas drops

Wolf Alice – “The Last Man on Earth”

Singlehandedly keeping the indie teen dream alive, Mercury Prize winning rockers Wolf Alice are back with their dreamy new single “The Last Man on Earth”. We can’t even tell you how many people were crying on the timeline when this premiered on Wednesday – ourselves included. The song is a euphoric slow-burner that’ll inspire a tornado of mixed emotions inside your heart, catalysed by Rowsell’s heavenly harmonies guiding us to the light blue unknown. Welcome back babes!

Cody Frost – “Verbal Warnings”

Burnley-based singer-songwriter Cody Frost’s debut single is all about sticking it to the man – literally! Inspired by a brutish old-boss, on “Verbal Warnings” Frost vents about the shitty side of life everyone else tends to gloss over. From dealing with insomnia, depression and anxiety to a general disillusionment with the world, Frost’s fusion of punky electro-pop kicks a breath of fresh air in to the lungs of the UK music scene, encouraging us to let loose and get in the face of anyone trying to bring us down.

Kayla Grace – “Bird In A Cage”

Kayla Grace is tired. Tired of the endless cycle of tasks to complete in lockdown. Tired of not being able to see her family. Tired of not being able to live – and we’re with her! Releasing her emotions into song, “Bird In A Cage” spilt forth, a stirring ballad fusing haunting guitars and Grace’s own musings on losing her coming of age. How would we all have turned out after being stripped of those integral years party years, full of late nights and secret rendezvous? We can’t be sure for certain, but Grace’s raw lyrics sure do paint a vivid picture…

renforshort – “virtual reality”

“I don’t wanna live my life on the internet!” renforshort exclaims on her new single, “virtual reality”. Another artist sick and tired of being locked up inside, ren yearns for simpler times when we were free to do whatever we please. With the fun of our new normal worn clean off as we approach a year since the UK’s first lockdown, the singer has had enough of routine, she wants chaos and fun, and we really can’t blame her. Add in the general consensus that everyone’s mental health has took a complete nosedive during this time, and, well, it’s enough to make you pull your hair out. As the first single off of her forthcoming EP, we wonder who else will be subject to her ear-worm inducing wrath.

Nick Jonas – “Spaceman”

The sun’s trying it’s best to come through, but if you’re in need of extra serotonin in these trying times, Nick Jonas has served up some cosmic pop goodness in the form of his latest track “Spaceman” – the title track of his upcoming third solo album of the same name. Exploring his fear of isolation (an apt theme during this long, long winter), the undulating vocals tell Jonas’ story of trying to get back home to the love of his life, wife and The White Tiger actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Get we get an “awwww”?

Sheppard – “M.I.A”

At a time like this, happiness can feel in short supply. But one act coming through with sheer pop empowerment are Australian trio Sheppard with their latest single “M.I.A”, taken from their triumphant third studio album Kaleidoscope Eyes. An ode and celebration of self-love, the tune is the culmination of an eye-opening, soul-searching songwriting trip to Sweden. Fuelled by a staccato tempo, addictive hook and simmering marimbas – catch us also wishing we were M.IA.


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