In conversation with friend and frequent collaborator Charlize Theron, the actress covers our Spring 21 issue.

Chloe Moretz covers our Spring 21 issue
Chloe Moretz covers our Spring 21 issue

For those of us who grew up watching (and rewatching) her star in cult classics like 500 Days of Summer and Kick-Ass before she even entered her teens, we’ve witnessed Chloë Grace Moretz navigate over a decade growing up not only working full-time, but under the pressure of the pubic eye. From Suspiria and Greta to her latest release, Roseanne Liang’s action-horror whirlwind Shadow in the Cloud, Moretz’s recent character choices have seen her increasingly push her own boundaries, and her next film, this month’s Tom and Jerry, is no different. Seeing her star alongside animated versions of our favourite Hanna-Barbera characters in their first live-action adventure in New York, Moretz’s performance underscores her versatility and technical skill as an actor — something her peers have praised her for from the start.

Speaking to one of those peers, her friend and frequent collaborator Charlize Theron, Moretz reflects on the “good fear” that consistently draws her to unconventional and challenging roles, the values that have guided her career, and what she has learned taking time for reflection this year.

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