The producers talk creating music remotely, finding their sound and hopefully meeting in person one day.

Bon Psy and Visco City
Bon Psy and Visco City

Making music this past year has been a task for every artist, whether it be working remotely with each other or with producers; the days of studio meet-ups and run-ins are put on hold for now. For Bon Psy and Visco City, taking the time to listen to one another and go back and forth was the real key to creating music during this time. “We took turns trading ideas and stems and slowly built the tune,” Bon Psy revealed. “I think we both found that we really complemented each other, we had some battles with the tune but we just kept chugging away at it until it made sense. Working remotely was not a problem.”

Dropping their effervescent collaboration “Serene” today, the duo skilfully fuse elements of future garage, dubstep and electronica for an intricate tune that brings out the best of both their sounds. Noted as two of the most exciting up and coming producers in the electronica scene right now, the track proves this statement with lush synth elements and warming percussion.

With both artists already compiling a long list of accomplishments in their short careers, we caught up with the duo talking about their virtual meeting, finding their sound as a producer and developing their craft.

Check out the interview below…

Hey Bon Psy and Visco City! How has your lockdown been?
Bon-Psy: It’s not been too bad actually! We’ve both had some changes work wise but we’ve been working on music lots too. Lockdown has reminded me of the importance of slowing down, I have always been rushing around but have really calmed down the last year.

How would you sum up last year?
Visco City: Definitely one of the more bizarre years in my life but I also think I’ve grown a lot, not only as a musician but generally just as a person.

What has it been like releasing music during this difficult time?
Bon Psy: Visco had his first EP out last year and he got a big swell of support for it which was great to see as his friend. Before lockdown I hadn’t released any music for a while as I was really trying to pinpoint what I wanted to make as an artist. The support I have received since getting back into it properly last year has been incredible. Music is my passion and I do it for me, but to know that it resonates with other people too is a lovely feeling.

How did you both get into music? What was your earliest memory?
Visco City: We both grew up learning instruments, picking up different ones along the way before we found music production, we both became pretty obsessed after that haha.
Bon Psy: My earliest memory of music is my grandad singing old Italian tunes to me at the dinner table. He had a wicked voice, I miss that.

Congratulations on your new track! How did it come about?
Visco City: Thank you! I came across Bon-Psy on Instagram, I was also listening to his indie-electronic playlist on Spotify which I loved! I then watched his off the record vids on youtube and he said that if anyone wanted to reach out and chat then feel free, so I did. I showed him my EP which he really liked and he seemed keen to want to work together. Now we chat quite regularly and have become pretty good mates.

It’s quite the club anthem! What was it like putting it together and creating it remotely?
Bon Psy: I think we both found that we really complimented each other, we had some battles with the tune but we just kept chugging away at it until it made sense. Working remotely was not a problem, we took turns trading ideas and stems and slowly built the tune. We have plans of doing another collab because this one went so well and I’m sure we will have the opportunity to meet up for that.

You guys have both developed your sound over the years, what would you say prompted this? Was there a defining moment?
Bon Psy: Finding your sound is probably one of the toughest things to do as a producer, it’s years and years of trying different things, slowly building you a repertoire of sounds and instruments that resonate most with you. I never really focused on finding a sound but as the years progressed it seemed to just happen. It’s not something you can necessarily learn or work towards, it’s a culmination of everything you’ve done and not just music-wise. Eventually, you put enough work into it that it becomes much easier to portray your thoughts, feelings and emotions through sound. Everyone is unique and once you get to that point your individuality will shine through.

Who would you guys cite as your inspirations?
Visco City: There are so many artists that inspire us, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Radiohead, Flume, Frequent, Eckle and all the guys in that experimental scene. The list goes on and on. Recently I’ve been pretty inspired by music from my youth, so early metal and pop-punk. Classical music and chilled electronic music, people like Tourist, Bonobo and Catching Flies really get me going as well… just sound in general haha.

Who would you love to work with?
Visco City: I’m keen to work with anyone whose sound I admire, I’m still at an early stage in my journey, Bon-Psy has been my first and only collab so far. Working with other artists can be very beneficial so I’m definitely keen to do more.

What are you guys most looking forward to in 2021?
Bon Psy: I’m just looking forward to developing as an artist, I want to get to the point where my art is synonymous with me. It might not happen this year but that’s the thing I’m striving towards and most looking forward to working on.


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