Dua Lipa crafts sad-disco bangers while Cherry Glazerr gives us a much-needed dose of cosmic-pop in this week’s playlist.

Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Moonlight Edition
Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Moonlight Edition

Dua Lipa – “If It Ain’t Me”

I can’t lie – we’re loving ALL the Future Nostalgia: Moonlight Edition tracks, we even did an ode to “We’re Good” and it’s kookily Titanic-inspired music video. Of course, only one of them can be the best (albeit of an incredibly good bunch), and that’s “If It Ain’t Me”. The track comprises of funky basslines and a selection of Lipa’s heavenly vocal arrangements coalescing in the creation of a ballad for all the sad-girls out here on the dancefloor. “I’ll be dancing with my heart broke / It’s such a sad disco,” the singer croons over an utterly euphoric chorus. I guess “Dancing On My Own” has found its sonic cousin…

Cherry Glazerr – “Big Bang”

After listening to this transcendent track over and over and over again, we’re still at a loss for words. On “Big Bang”, the trio start off slow, concocting a mood that stirs and broods before erupting into an enchantingly cosmic chorus, with layers of far-out, reverberating vocals exploding into your eardrums. Yet still, among soothing drum beats and twangy guitars, nothing outshines the dazzling sounds of frontwoman Clementine Creevy. “Big Bang” is her world, and we’re just listening to it.


Another new release settling in nicely to the future pop cannon is FAANGS’ “RELAPSE”. The song aims to show FAANGS’ self-confessed ‘psycho’ side, mixing eerie pop melodies and irresistible beats so boisterous they’d set the club ablaze. The music video is just as vibrant, following the singer getting ready for a big night out besides a body bag as she dithers between various glitter-clad/rainbow donning fashions. As to who’s in the body bag – maybe the stylist she robbed the clothes from? We deem it a worthy cause because she looks absolutely fabulous!

Sam Fischer & Demi Lovato – “What Other People Say”

Rollacoaster star Sam Fischer has us wiping away the tears following his solemn collab with ex-Disney Star and music powerhouse Demi Lovato. On “What Other People Say” the two delve into the recoil of life after heartbreak, considering the black and blue state of your heart once it’s been pummelled into a thousand pieces. Lovato’s vocal range is just as powerful as ever on the track, brimming with soul and fire that only Fischer could match. Together, that passion and tenacity is enough to build you back up again, one chorus at a time.

Delilah Montagu – “This Is Not A Love Song”

Stripped back and serene, Delilah Montagu’s “This Is Not A Love Song” marks an entirely new era for the singer. Following the end of a previous relationship, the singer had no choice but to look inward. How could it have gone wrong, and more importantly, why? Capturing the brutal reality of life after love, “This Is Not A Love Song” is the aftermath of those experiences, also doubling as the name for her sophomore EP. The sonic experience delves deep into Montagu’s own life over the past year, acting as a pseudo-diary tackling themes of love, addiction and art.

Chet Faker – “Get High”

Prepare to trip serious balls with Chet Faker’s video for “Get High”. The Melbourne-raised singer has us floating through brush-stroked skies on the groove-filled track, fusing slow-burning soul and his own irresistible vocals. “Sometimes you just need a break,” says Faker, “I find myself wanting to escape just for a little while and the song sort of showed up on its own.” As for the track’s kaleidoscopic video, we reckon that one speaks for itself.


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