From Taylor Swift resurrecting Christian Girl Autumn to RuPaul singlehandedly destroying H&M, here are the memes of the week.

James Charles Memes of the Week
James Charles Memes of the Week

This week’s been a toughie. To start, we’re still not out of lockdown. Then you consider the harshness of a snowy winter, the anniversary of Alexander McQueen and Whitney Houston’s untimely deaths, the prospect of pubs opening without serving alcohol… the list goes on. Of course, there has been good news too, the world came together in defence of Britney Spears in light of her ongoing conservatorship battle, we finally got to the juicy reunion episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and, as always, there were plenty of memes to lift our spirits along the way. Here are our favourites…

Makeup guru James Charles hangs up his beauty blender for the corporate life

We’re just as puzzled at this James Charles x Jeff Bezos cross over as you, albeit Charles has the better mug… Perhaps this is who is set to replace the Amazon figurehead as the company’s Chief Executive?

RuPaul destroys H&M

On last night’s episode of Drag Race, RuPaul Charles himself launched into an angry tirade against Joe Black when the Queen admitted his runway dress was from H&M. While the get-up might have been a tad basic, we are still in the midst of a pandemic that has decimated the entire live performance industry and left its workers totally cash-strapped babes. Maybe Joe Black just couldn’t be arsed adding thousands of rhinestones to his costume, either way, the faux pas ultimately landed him in the bottom two for a lipsync with Tia Kofi.

Tracy Beaker returns, with mini-beaker and Justine Octavio-Cortez

90s and early 00s babies rejoice! Tracy Beaker is returning to our screens tomorrow, and after seeing the trailer, Justine Littlewood is the girl on everyones lips. How totally typical of her to steal the limelight of her arch-enemy, but I mean those sharp blazers are most definitely the vibe. Justine Littlewood for PM we say!

North West is giving Van Gogh a run for his money

For those of you, rightfully, not that arsed about the Kardashian-offspring-next-level-painter drama, keep reading. Everyone else, you might remember the leagues of Internet commentators doubting the legitimacy of North West’s recent work, and possibly even joined in with them. Kim Kardashian took to Instagram Stories herself to dispel any rumours that West is nothing short of an artistic prodigy, and rightfully so. We just hope this iteration of West’s breathtaking piece will make an appearance in Christie’s for mega millions in the coming months…

Taylor Swift Resurrects Christian Girl Autumn

Get your Uggs on and your Blackberries out ladies, Taylor Swift is dragging us back to 2009 with a brand new rendition of “Love Story”, following the Scooter Braun (boo!) masters drama that is. Aptly given the new moniker ‘Taylor’s Version’, the tune also comes with a teaser for the new and improved Fearless album in addition to six brand new songs from the Swift vault. Thinking about “You Belong With Me – The Re-Up” is actually giving us a nervous breakdown, we need it now!

It’s a love story, baby just say YES!

T-Swift is the original Bridgerton diva, the Lady Whistledown of the late aughts. She could pen a tea-spilling celebrity gossip post (just look at her Bieber-dragging Tumblr post) without hesitation, but could Nicola Coughlan endeavour to replicate the same magic embued within the chorus to Love Story? We don’t think so… No offence, Nicola.


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