The Cameroonian artist raises awareness to poor governance around the continent with his poignant new single.


Bringing summer vibes to February is Cameroonian world music artist IBALI with his new single “Revelation”. Fusing old-school afrobeat rhythms with his ambition to make a change, IBALI invites us to a cultural hall party with his latest single, as he laces the song with upbeat piano melodies and joyous trumpets.

Aiming to bring people together with his latest song, the artist reaches out to people across Africa throughout the tune, raising attention to the poor governance around the continent. IBALI states, “This is a trumpet call for the youth of Africa to rise up and stand for their right to define their future”. Accompanied by a poignant video, IBALI recounts the African story, as he details the fall of warriors due to slavery and how they turn on each other for power.

Recently named The Messiah of Cameroonian Music by the Cameroon DJ’s Association, IBALI has set out to change the structure of governments within Africa, using his music to empower youth and raise awareness to the corruption and shackles left from colonialism. With his new album Prophetic set for release sometime this year, the artist hopes to inspire a new generation, “This project is going to give birth to the finest politicians and transform the bad ones,” IBALI candidly revealed. “Listening to my music will make you become an Ibalian; a citizen who will not sell his or her vote. Ibalians will stand for peace and justice, truth, love, freedom and growth for a better world.”

Check out the video below..