Things get experimental with Rakky Ripper, Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, The Creator in this week’s music playlist.

Rakky Ripper Whatever
Rakky Ripper Whatever


Any PC Music lover will know that “UNISIL” is by no means a new track, but an unreleased fan-favourite recorded many moons ago. “The story goes that it was sent out as a digital bonus to the lucky people who managed to buy the Limited Edition Silicone Product version of the record,” revealed one press release. But now, after years of waiting, the skittish masterpiece is out on wax as the B-side accompaniment to Autechre’s slow-grooved remix of “BIPP”. Vinyl heads, rejoice!

ABSOLUTE. – “Piano Theory”

We bang on about opening the clubs and getting back on the dancefloor literally every week, but no track on this planet has incensed a yearn for the rave more than ABSOLUTE.’s “Piano Theory”. Seemingly plucked straight out of the 90s, we know this classic would do serious damage at Fantasia, blowing the socks, and bucket hats, off of all the party animals living their best life in the crowd. 110% banger.

Rakky Ripper – “Whatever”

Taking the traditional elements of pop and electro and pounding them through an industrial-tinged masher, Rakky Ripper gets out some much-needed aggression on her latest single “Whatever”. The Spanish artist takes us right back to the noughties with a story-telling video set in the most important decade in modern history. She’s got Lizzie McGuire posters, bejewelled flip-phones, and even a boy to fall in love with, what more could we want?

Brent Faiyaz – “Gravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)

Faiyaz’s latest cut sees him go toe to toe with Tyler, The Creator as the pair tackle an irresistibly off-kilter blend of R&B and strung out indie courtesy of DJ Dahi. As you’d expect, the pair’s flows are practically dripping with lyrical prowess, mixed with layered harmonies and exciting hooks that’ll have your head bopping into next week.

Bad Sounds – “Move Into Me (feat. BROODS)”

You’ll want to don both of your headphones while listening to this magnetic offering from Bad Sounds. Almost immediately, the captivating and ethereal vocals of BROODS’ Georgia Notts charge at you, surrendering your ears to a swirl of subdued beats that twinkle and shimmer like rhinestones catching the sun. It’s climactic, slow-burning tension will see you off to a transported clear oasis, full of pink skies and pool toys as you wonder down the river to paradise, wherever that may be. Goosebumps are sure to follow – so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Lola Wild – “Sand”

Pick up your cowboy hats, dust off your saddle, and lasso yourself a bit of Lola Wild. The woozy duo are inspired by all the greats – from Billy Holiday and Roy Orbison to Beach House and Tarantino – mixing them all into a sultry little debut number titled “Sand”. If you like melancholic indie with a dash of yee-haw vibes, then this is most definitely the song for you.

Tacobitch – “HAIJAMEN”

We loved New Noise stars Tacobitch so much that we felt it’d be criminal if we didn’t revisit their latest single “HAIJAMEN” for this week’s Wonderlist. With thumping futuristic bass lines and calamitously squelchy synths, the group attempt to explore the meaning behind what it is to be human, which in this case means making dance music (so they’ve pretty much nailed it). Fitting somewhere between the 80s and the next millennium, this experimental electro-punk hit sounds like an invitation for a boogie inside the matrix, to which we say, lets dance!

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