Anonymous elephants Confetti have just dropped their latest alternative-pop bop “Wake Up”.

Confetti have premiered
Confetti have premiered

Music is all about self-expression, but some artists choose to do so in more mysterious, covert ways. From the robot helmet-wearing duo Daft Punk to the balaclava-disguised Russian protest band Pussy Riot, Confetti join a long tradition of artists who embrace anonymity as a core tenet of their music-making.

Hailing from the internet, this super-secret pop-rock project has grown a diverse fanbase of nearly 1M listeners who tune in every month to laugh along with them. Donned in large elephant masks, the two twenty-something-year-olds poke fun at the darkness of the world using witty, playful lyricism and infectious pop melodies. Their masks’ obscuring power lets the tongue-in-cheek music speak for itself. They’re about to shoot to anonymous fame: Banksy-style.

And now the elephants have returned with their latest candid anthem, “Wake Up”. While it might have been written pre-pandemic, this pop track strikes a spooky chord with the present-day. “They say that elephants are big, but they are most definitely wise,” the Los Angeles duo joked. “The uncertainty we felt at the time almost eerily holds true a year later.”

“We hope this song speaks to those who, like us, are worried and uncertain about the future of the world,” they continued. “We want those people to ‘wake up’ and find their own path through these strange times – and that we’ll be right there with them along the way.”

For the occasion, Confetti will also launch a limited edition of their brand-new energy drink, ‘Wake Up With Banana Blitz’. Full of fun, fizz and flamboyance, this duo are certainly living up to their name.

Listen to “Wake Up” below…

Anya Cooper