Ariana Grande, Danny L Harle and Baby Queen are warming our hearts and delighting our ears in this week’s Wonderlist.

Ariana Grande 34+35 Megan Thee Stallion Doja Cat
Ariana Grande 34+35 Megan Thee Stallion Doja Cat

Danny L Harle & DJ Danny – “On A Mountain”

O.G. Hyperpop pioneer Danny L Harle might have released the best PC Music-adjacent tune of all time this week with “On A Mountain”. This is the musical polymath’s first release on Diplo’s Mad Decent label ahead of Harlecore, and as (kind of) first impressions go, he’s onto a winner. We love this track so much we can’t even verbalise the incredibly sweaty, red-eyed euphoria it evokes inside us, you’re just gonna have to listen for yourself. As for Mr Harle, we’ll see you on the floor as soon as the clubs are open…

Baby Queen – “Raw Thoughts”

On the topic of euphoria, Baby Queen is another talent conjuring those fleeting feelings of pure joy by the musical boatload. If a song could glitter, her latest track “Raw Thoughts” would be the biggest, most shimmering ball lighting up the halls of a school disco you’ve ever seen in your life. The track meets at a very racy intersection of neon pop and strung out indie, enchanting us more and more as each second passes. If you need anymore convincing that she’s the tits, one Ms. Courtney Love dedicated an entire post to her on Instagram this past week, so there.

Ariana Grande – “34+35 (feat. Megan Thee Stallion & Doja Cat)”

You’ve simply not been on Twitter the past few months if you’ve not seen a follower, Arianator or popular gay profess their love for this flirty bop from Ariana Grande’s latest album. If you have, get ready to see it a whole lot more now that Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat have hopped on the remix. Grande had all the Internet guessing the identities of her secret collaborators after teasing the “34+35” re-up earlier this week, and now it’s here we must say, we couldn’t have chosen any better ourselves – girl power!

seeyousoon – “Fever”

This high-octane track from Floridian 9-piece seeyousoon is about to blow your socks off. Seriously, you might want to pull them up, or just put on your shoes so you don’t lose them. Fusing reverberating electro with punchy, distorted rap flows, the tune pushes the groups sound to the very brink, serving as a teaser for their upcoming album where the creative risks have, evidently, paid off in spade loads. Catch us listening to this on repeat for the next 7 days…

Emotional Oranges – “Bonafide (feat Chiiild)”

Emotional Oranges return to the Wonderlist once more, this time with the experimental stylings of Canada’s Chiiild. “Bonafide” marks a fascinating new direction for the super-producers, fusing woozy indie with a subtle-yet-driving house beat with eery similarity to Darude’s “Sandstorm”. The track itself feels like a warm summer night, where the sky is pink and you’re coasting across the city while the wind caresses your hair like a lover. After the week we’ve had, these relaxing grooves are hitting a sonic sweet spot that we just can’t quit.

Rxseboy – “Jimmy (feat. Sarcastic Sounds)”

Rxseboy is a bit of a legend in the lo-fi scene. Having totally blew up last year, garnering millions of streams and an extremely loyal fanbase, he’s returned for more musical splendor in his first track of the year – “Jimmy”. With the help of friend and scene staple Sarcastic Sounds, the song marks the first release from his forthcoming first major-label EP, and is every bit as serene as you can imagine. Peppered with country twangs and folky harmonicas, we’re getting some very potent ‘I wanna be a cowboy baby’ energy. I suppose we should get our lasso’s out.

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