Mariah Carey forms a festive girl group with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson in this week’s playlist.

Mariah Carey Oh Santa!
Mariah Carey Oh Santa!

Mariah Carey – “Oh Santa! (feat. Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson)”

*clears throat* Aaahhhaye… don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing we need. It’s a Charlie’s Angels link-up of the best female vocalists on earth, today. That’s how the song goes, right? Headed up by Ms. Claus (né Carey) herself, Mariah, Ariana Grande AND Jennifer Hudson have came together this week for a Christmas song that could potentially rival the best of all time––coincidentally also by Carey. Saccharine sweet, and a little bit sexy too, “Oh Santa!” is a festive extravaganza laden with whistle tones and some of the best vocals known to man. Mariah knows how OTT it might be, but that’s just how festive she is…

Camelphat – “Easier (acoustic) feat. LOWES”

Grammy-nominated producers (and Rollacoaster cover stars) Camelphat are back on the Wonderlist with a harrowing acoustic re-up of “Easier”, plucked from the duo’s debut album Dark Matter. Collaborating with Lancaster-based band LOWES for the occasion, Evie Plumb’s hauntingly powerful vocals are an absolute standout, soaring above the tracks solemn production where she leaves you gripped and very much in your feelings. If all goes to plan in 2021, you can catch Camelphat live at London’s SSE Arena Wembley on April 17th where they’ll make history as the venues first house headliners. Long live untz untz!

Alice Phoebe Lou – “Dusk”

Your woozy lo-fi offering of the week comes by way of Alice Phoebe Lou’s “Dusk”. An ode to friendship and the deepest level of care physically capable for another person, Lou’s latest track hinges on the beauty of finding yourself in someone else. Here there’s no competition, just boatloads of mutual respect & admiration. And if there’s anything we love more than a woozy tune, it’s a grainy cam-corder video ushering us straight back into the 90s, a nice bath doesn’t go amiss either.

Tulliah – “Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)”

Australian singer-songwriter Tulliah is another artist gnawing at our heartstrings this week. “Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)” is a wistful track from the ‘coming of age canon’ that, at its core, makes sense of love and growing up through it’s stirring lyrics and soft, euphoric production. “I wrote the song about falling for someone who you know isn’t good for you, but you still go there,” she explains, “–one of those bad decisions!” The track is sort of like a teenage bedroom in the way its undertaken several new lives from its original inception as a piano ballad, still retaining small fragments from each edit as time goes by and feelings change. Quite gorgeous, if you ask us.

Stephanie Poetri – “Selfish”

Setting the tone for her forthcoming EP AM:PM, Stephanie Poetri enters the Wonderlist with striking soft pop track “Selfish”. The track is all about the push and pull of young love, embarking on that endless tug of war as you try to figure out how relationships actually work whilst so effortlessly capturing the fleeting enchantment that comes with it. We said before that we’re suckers for camcorder vids, but we’re equally as taken with neon too, which Poetri has in abundance. It’s almost like she knew Euphoria was making its triumphant return this month… a true visionary.

Serena Isioma – The Leo Sun Sets

Genre-bending artist Serena Isioma lands on this weeks Wonderlist with their second EP of the year, The Leo Sun Sets. “A majority of [the EP] was written and recorded during the rollout of my previous project Sensitive,” Isioma tells us. “Within those few months I was excelling in everything but still not “happy”.” When drugs, sex, and religion could only go so far in helping the artist navigate such a tumultuous year, Isioma retreated inwards, returning only after learning to accept themselves. It was in this time the artist stewed on all kinds of influences from the worlds of indie, R&B, hip-hop and dream pop that eventually culminated in the dreamscape of echoey synths and bold vocal delivery that you’re listening to today.

Gavin James – “Man on the Moon”

With over 1.5 billion streams under his belt (and counting), Gavin James’ poetic sound is making waves on an international scale, collectively galvanising us all to unleash our inner sadness at the hands of his devastating tunes. His latest, emotionally-charged track is all about unspoken love and the power of loneliness, told through tender vocals and stripped back guitars. His man on the moon lives a desolate life, never knowing that the world he was so far from loved him dearly, mirroring the world we live in today as families, loves and friends have all been separated for a good few months. God, we feel like crying now –– in a good way.

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