The newcomer takes us on a bittersweet journey for his brand new video.

Sally Boy 1
Sally Boy 1

Off the back of his debut project “EREZ”, newcomer Sally Boy premieres the video for genre-bending hit “Marie”. Shying away from his usual indie-pop sound, the singer-songwriter enters a melodic soundscape with soft and soothing ballad-like vocals and delicate orchestra strings. Laced with an array of whispers, Sally Boy effortlessly blends modern pop with coming-of-age storytelling to showcase his vulnerability.

Opening up on the video, directors Ava Doorley and Eddie Mandell said, “The piece is meant to portray the seven minutes one experiences before death wherein your entire life flashes before your eyes at warp speed.”

Before being Sally Boy, Erez Potok-Holmes dedicated himself to life on the East Coast, touring with his band and embracing his inner indie-rocker. Realising life in a band wasn’t for him, the singer left and dropped his first self-titled single earlier this year. Following up with pop-centric track “Sippy Cup” and his coming-of-age EP, it’s fair to say the singer isn’t holding back and is raring to go at full speed ahead in 2021.

Check out the video below…