The British actor and star of buzzy reboot The Craft Legacy covers Man About Town: 2020, Chapter II.

Nicholas Galatzine covers Man About Town
Nicholas Galatzine covers Man About Town

“First and foremost I think it’s kind a gift as an actor to get a role which allows you to pursue such an interesting arc, you know? I think it’s very hard in life to label anyone either good or bad. I think it’s particularly interesting to me to explore the complexities of someone who seems negative or bad from the outset, because there’s a root cause within these people that creates bigotry and it often comes from a place of pain, hurt, and an inability as men to express ourselves emotionally.”

Nicholas Galitzine is a rising star within the acting world. The 26-year-old first landed on everyone’s radars when he starred in teen drama High Strung back in 2016. Since then, Nicholas has gone from strength to strength, having most recently turned in a spectacularly spine-chilling performance in Netflix’s Chambers, alongside Tarantino muse Uma Thurman.

The British actor is now about to stun audiences once again as he puts in an emotionally-charged performance in the forthcoming feature film The Craft Legacy.

Nicholas Galitzine covers Man About Town: 2020, Chapter II. Order now.

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