Enter a sultry indie-pop soundscape for the newcomer’s latest single.

Karin Ann
Karin Ann

Exploring the darkest parts of her mind for a striking new single is Slovakian singer-songwriter Karin Ann with “i yearn for agony”. Laced with oscillating tick-tock melodies and shimmering synth bridges, Karin Ann provides us with a smooth and sultry indie-pop offering with elements that have us reminiscent of Roisin Murphy and Billie Eilish. While the song itself touches up serious subject matters, the catchy track provides us with a glimpse into what we can expect from her debut EP.

Speaking the release, the singer said, “For me, it’s a very visual song, so when I was writing down the script for the music video it came to me immediately – especially the bridge of the song where the lyrics are literally in visual form. I’ve always been into scary stories and true crime cases and horror movies so I tried to make the visuals movie-like and uncomfortable, also I always liked Tim Burton movies which influenced the video.”

The former figure skater and dancer started her career at 14 as a hobby, before being introduced to a UK-based producer. Two compelling tunes later, the singer caught the eye of renewed produced Tomi Popovic, resulting in an upcoming EP. With no release date set in the calendar for the rising star, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any news.

Check out the single below…

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