Lil Nas X, Lava La Rue, Deb Never and more get us through week 2 of lockdown.

Lil Nas X drops Holiday
Lil Nas X drops Holiday

Lil Nas X – “HOLIDAY”

Ay! It’s a holiday, and Lil Nas has got hoes on hoes, and they out of control… Our favourite Barb and country music pioneer is cementing his musical icon status by doing as the greats i.e. Mariah, Britney, Xtina, Hilary Duff have done, releasing a Christmas single. Though not as pop-driven as the former, the upbeat trap cut still has us jingling our bells and shaking our asses in the name of Xmas spirit. Happy early Birthday, Jesus!

Lava La Rue – “Angel (feat. Deb Never)”

West London’s Queen of Lo-fi has masterminded a transcendent fix for week 2 of lockdown by way of her new single with Deb Never. Produced by Isom Innis (Foster The People), La Rue’s spoken-word delivery is akin to early Charli XCX smash “Cloud Aura (feat. Brooke Candy)” – which, in other words, means the track is nothing but flawless – bouncing between said honey-tinged delivery with plenty of punchy flows at her disposal too.

Jaguar Jonze – “MURDER”

Jaguar Jonze is back on our radar once again following the success of country-indie hit “DEADALIVE”. Fusing mid-tempo pop with sinister inflexions of rock, the artist has prepared a spectacularly cinematic set of visuals for “MURDER” as she paints a picture of a testing relationship crossing the point of no return. It’s dark, it’s deadly, and Jonze has to kill it, in the good AND bad way. Ooh! We just gave ourselves the chills.

Delilah Montagu – “Us”

As another talent who’s making a return trip to the Wonderlist this week, delectable pop pioneer Delilah Montagu pours her heart out on new track “Us”. The song charts an honest account of how she rebuilt a relationship with her current girlfriend, shedding light on love whilst Montagu is at her most candid, fearless yet vulnerable. Atta girl!

Lilla Vargen – “Blueprints”

Things take a sombre turn once we arrive at Lilla Vargen’s “Blueprints”. Having accumulated over 30 million streams in the past few months, which is no easy feat in itself, the fast-rising Irish star harks back to a time of change in her life, taking stock of how far she’s come as she says goodbye to someone she once loved before her path leads elsewhere. “Life is unpredictable,” she says, “this song is about making sure you plan for yourself as well as for those you love.”

Louis Dunford – “London’s Requiem”

North London singer-songwriter Louis Dunford is another soul-bearing artist rearing his head on Wonderlist this week, entering the chat with a heartstring-tugging piano ballad about growing up in the city. On “London’s Requiem” he looks back on his life in the UK capital with an air of wistful nostalgia, remembering the faces and figures most important to him whilst exploring topics like loss, discovery and survival. Did we mention it’s also the first song he ever wrote? He’s been a gripping storyteller since day one.

Hope Tala – Girl Eats Sun

Combining dreamy doses of R&B and shoulder-shaking bossa nova, Hope Tala’s Girl Eats Sun EP ticks all the boxes. With good sounds, good vibes, and a welcome guest appearance from Aminé, Tala hopes to bring out a sense of boldness in her listener, daring to eat the sun on the project’s artwork as she shows us we can do anything we want. I feel badder already…


The young Aussie rapper is *queue Alyssa Edwards voice* back, back, back, back, back again with his digital re-pack of his chart-topping debut F**K LOVE. Introducing seven brand new songs, LAROI has enlisted the likes of NBA Youngboy, Internet Money, Marshmello & more to help take fans on an intimate journey that grapples with all the fights, feelings and everyday hardships life throws our way. If we can’t sing about the shitty parts of living, what can we do?

Oscar Welsh – “Avery”

Easy breezy Lo-fi coming your way! Oscar Welsh’s “Avery” closes this week’s list, pushing us into a woozy weekend we can’t wait to stay indoors for. The song centres around that special someone, they giggle when they aren’t supposed to, haven’t got a clue what manners are, and generally lives to be uncouth. It was as Welsh was daydreaming about this girl that his puppy (a GORGEOUS little dalmation who even makes a cameo in the video) was nipping at his ankles, and thus found its name. I don’t think songwriting gets any more wholesome, do you?

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