Aussie pop legend Kylie Minogue knocks it out of the bloody park in this week’s Wonderlist.

Kylie Minogue DISCO
Kylie Minogue DISCO

Kylie Minogue – DISCO

There was just absolutely no way in HELL we could narrow Kylie Minogue’s latest decadent release into one song for the Wonderlist, we’d be doing a disservice to her, you, and ourselves especially. Of the year’s many, many releases transporting us to the glittering dancefloors of the ‘70s, DISCO immediately settles itself nicely at the top of the foodchain, alongside the Ware’s, Monet’s and Lipa’s of the modern music world. Lead single “Say Something” has of course aged like the finest of wines, perhaps a Minogue rosé, with “Miss a Thing” and deluxe track “Hey Lonely” joining as immediate standouts, though we’re sure in the coming weeks we’ll have a moment with each and every blissful offering Minogue has served us. We’ve been well and truly fed this time gays and girls… so feast!

Bree Runway – “ATM (feat. Missy Elliott)”

Not gonna lie, 2020 has been Bree Runway’s year. Everything the genre-bending star touches of late turns to gold, whether it be remixes with Rina Sawyama, or bassy-fashion features with Maliibu Miitch. Today marks the release of her debut mixtape, 2000AND4EVA, and let me tell you Bree has well and truly pulled it out of the bag by tapping up THEE legendary rap icon Missy Elliott for a track all about cold, hard cash. Catch us shaking our arses to this all weekend.

Oscar Lang – “Antidote to Being Bored”

If you’ve ever main-charactered to that scene in Skins where Cassie goes to New York and they play The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” as she bursts across the city, this song is for you. Layers of rhapsodic drums, hazy vocals and fuzzy basslines unfurl across this classic track, like if someone smacked the arses of The Stone Roses so they sped things up a bit. Take us back to those carefree days of youth fighting through a moshpit to get front barrier and lick the sweat off of your teen idol, because #IndieIsNotDead.

Saint Clair – Better (Chapter IV)

You may remember us covering the eruptive “violet hour” back in August, and now it seems Saint Clair is nearing the end of her fascinating four-part visual project following life after death. In the fourth and final chapter titled “Better”, Clair’s grief-stricken deity acknowledges the turmoil and loss she experienced with a breathtakingly hearty optimism. The atmospheric result is two parts ballad, three parts absolutely-fantastic, and with it’s accompanying stop-motion collage appealing to our inner Art Attack lover, we couldn’t be more into such a send-off.

Julius Black – “Summer”

We just can’t get pre-lockdown life out of our heads – we want picnics in the park and eat out to help out – and we want it now! Julius Black shares this sentiment in his ode to the year’s second-best season (we love you Autumn!), which itself is a nostalgic offering about heartbreak and moving on. No one ever wants to go through the hard bit, so recalling heart racing nights under burnt orange skies and calamitous synths seems a way better alternative. Existential pop has never sounded so good.

Ella Grace – “I Wonder”

Another welcome addition to the ‘F-You COVID’ canon of music this week, London-based folk-popper Ella Grace gets real on the ramifications the virus has had on her love life. Long story short, things are pretty messed up now, but she doesn’t dwell on it. Instead, she floats into the unknown, soundtracking her adventure with dreamy whispers and slow grooves as she anticipates coming out the other side. Perhaps changed forever, we know she’ll be okay in the end.

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