With co-signs from Dolly Parton and Linda Perry, the rising star drops a stellar new single.

Willa Amai
Willa Amai

Not many people at the age of 12 can win over icon and legend Linda Perry, but then again not everyone has a voice like Willa Amai. And now the singer is ready to shake up the scene with her newest single “Unorganized Crime”. Laced with echoing melodic harmonies, Amai pours out her emotions over a simplistic guitar-led track with her deep enticing vocals guiding us through. With thunderous percussion and a slow-moving bassline, the singer effortlessly tells the story of a rebellious soul who doesn’t care for consequences and repercussions.

Opening up on the track, the singer candidly says that while the track tells the story of a rule-breaking person, it is far from who she is, stating, “’Unorganized Crime’ comes from a painfully square person imagining what it would be like to live in the moment. I always thought I was a rebellious soul and when I realized I wasn’t I made this song in memoriam of that side of me that never existed.”

Not only has Amai caught the attention of Perry but also country music legend Dolly Parton and TV host Ellen, with the singer being labelled as exceptional and captivating. With the singer only just turning 16, we suspect great things are on the horizon for the rising singer – watch this space.

Check out the single below..

Willa Amai · Unorganized Crime
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