The Toronto emerging artist brings thumping rhythms with the third in her trilogy of elemental EPs.

Liz Lokre premieres
Liz Lokre premieres

“Fire brings new beginnings. It symbolises purpose and passion, which have never been more needed,” explains Toronto-hailed provocateur Liz Lokre.

Indeed, there is nothing more impactful than the visual and sonic symbolism of the heat of fire – something that starts off with a simmering smoulder, escalating to blazing white-hot heights. And these qualities are being channelled in the latest EP from emerging artist Lokre: “FIRE”, the third in her trilogy of elemental EPs (with “EARTH” and “WATER” previously). Drawing influences from Alicia Keys, Sade and Ariana Grande, it is a resplendent, thumping collection with hip-shaking rhythms, packed with undeniable pop prowess and Bollywood-imbued influences. And her visuals are a mesmerising live accompaniment of the EP, undulating with Lokre’s kinetic performance style and charisma.

“My third elemental EP, ‘FIRE’ allowed me to go deeper into that sense of purpose,” adds Lokre. “The performance was brought to life by an incredible team of Toronto based creatives that set out to make something we could all be proud of. I’m so grateful and excited to finally share it.”

Watch the live performance of “FIRE” below…

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