Headie One, Ivorian Doll and Br3nya are putting drill on the map in this week’s Wonderlist.

Headie One Edna
Headie One Edna

Br3nya – “Bezerk (feat. Ivorian Doll)”

Putting female drill on the map, big bad IVD and Br3nya absolutely bodied their respective performances at GRM Daily’s Rated Awards, and have now came together as a duo for icy-cold track “Bezerk”. With a braided pony longer than our life-expectancies, Br3nya dazzles in the track’s thrilling music video, backed by her baseball-bat brandishing crew who know exactly how to throw it down on the dancefloor. Our fingers are firmly crossed that this won’t the last time we hear these two on a track together because it’s just so bloody good…

Headie One – Edna

Speaking of Drill, one of the scene’s most prominent talents has finally dropped his debut album. We’re of course talking about Tottenham-helmed MC Headie One, who made headlines earlier in the week after a statue erected in his honour suddenly appeared in Central London – that’s how you do album promotion people! Everyone from Skepta, Drake, Future and Ivorian Doll (again!) have hopped on the project, which is sure to be a career-high for the rapper following his electrifying GANG mixtape back in April. Let it be known that we’ve cleared our whole weekend to bump Edna exclusively…

THEY. feat Wale – “Losing Focus”

Our favourite Californian multi-hyphenates – Dante Jones and Andrew “Drew Love Neel” – are back this week with new tune “Losing Focus”, hitting up Wale (whom you may know from this iconic Lady Gaga featuring hit) for the occasion. With their latest full-length offering, The Amanda Tapes, fast approaching, “Losing Focus” seeks to give a taster of things to come. Catchy, calm, and incredibly cool, the track details a low point in Jones’ life where nothing seemed to go right. Holing up in the studio with plenty of drink, he let it pour out, putting the good, the bad, and the ugly all into one song.

Aby Coulibaly – “Taurus”

‘Chamomile Records’ co-founder Aby Coulibaly is the singing-songwriting sensation we’ve been waiting our whole lives for. On the blissfully lo-fi “Taurus”, Coulibaly forms the sweetest-rejection song known to man, flitting between punchy flows and soulful choruses without even breaking a sweat. Coulibaly penned the track after ending things with a guy who was wasting her time, surprising herself by how easy it was to move on because she knew she deserved better. This is exactly the self-assuredness we want to see in 2020, who knew break-ups could sound so good?

Welshy – “Haiti”

Ireland’s hottest producer has us longing for the club with his latest euphoric dance cut. Based an old Haitian wives tale (hence the name!), the track tells the story of the unluckiest boy in the world, sent to sell coffee at his local market where he loses everything he worked for. Vocalist Coralie Herard takes the deep house number to task with her charming and ferocious vocals, leaving us desperate for 5 shots of tequila and a sweaty forehead after giving it our all under a strobe light. Open the clubs BoJo!

Cosha – “No Kink In The Wire”

Cosha is another Irish talent who has popped up on our radar this week, with her slow-burning new single “No Kink In The Wire” showcasing R&B at it’s most serene and vigorous. Cosha penned the mantra-like beat herself, comparing it to the rhythmic sensation of repeated deep breaths as she stakes a claim on celebrating her own joy. After unwinding us into a fully stretched Fruit Winder, the singer even has a trippy video for us to tuck into, telling the story of a couple growing together in isolation via all kinds of garden foliage.


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