The west Londoner gets candid on starting her music career and how seeing Stevie Wonder changed her life.

Nat Slater
Nat Slater

Full of raw emotion and lush vocals is Nat Slater with her trap-inspired new single with ZieZie, “Pattern Up”. Led by gentle guitar strings and an upbeat bass line, the singer-songwriter blesses us with an emotional tune all about toxic relationships and finding the means to move on. Accompanied by rising UK star Ziezie, the personal track showcases a distinctive mix of contemporary hip-hop productions and slow-moving R&B rhythms.

Speaking on the track, the singer said, “The song is basically about realising that someone is treating you like shit and you telling yourself to fix yourself or pattern up and clock that you’re better than that. Working with ZieZie was sick, he’s crazy talented. We had a mad session and the vibes were there, we just clicked.”

Having found her passion for music at the tender age of 11 after watching iconic Stevie Wonder perform, the singer has been carving her way into the scene with her chilled out lyricism and infectious hooks. Having released her garage-inspired tune “Every Weekend” earlier this year, we sat down with the singer to talk all the new music she has stored up and her big dreams for the future.

Check out the interview below…

.Hi Nat, how has the pandemic and the uncertainty of this year impacted your music and art?
I write a lot in my bedroom, just on my guitar. So I think just having so much time to create and experiment was actually really fun. Sometimes I’d get so lost in my own little world writing that I’d not even realise it’s like 2am.

How did growing up in West London influence you sonically? Who were your musical heroes?
I think being able to go to gigs around London growing up has really inspired me. I’ve seen so many amazing artists live in London like, Frank Ocean at Lovebox, Stevie Wonder in Clapham Common, Post Malone at Brixton Academy, Raye, Loyle Carner at KoKo, Donell Jones at the Forum in Kentish Town and seeing this definitely inspired me to perform and write the way I do.

You started your musical journey at such a young age – was there ever a doubt in your mind that music was what you wanted to pursue?
Music has always been such a huge part of my life that I always knew I’d be doing it no matter what. When I was 11, I entered a songwriting competition and ended up winning which led to me playing at the Isle of Wight festival. This was the first time I was like wow I could really do this.

You tunes are so energetic – how would you describe your genre?
I’d say it’s a blend of lots of things. I grew up on a lot of music like 90s R&B, garage, pop. I like to experiment so it’s hard to describe it’s like all different influences.

Congratulations on your new single “Pattern Up” – what does the name mean and what was it inspired by?
I wrote it when I was feeling a bit shit and a bit sad about someone who I liked but wasn’t treating me very nicely. I just kinda thought why am I sad about this, they’re really not worth it and I just told myself to pattern up and that’s where it came from. “Pattern Up” is like fix yourself or get yourself together. I like it because it reminded me that I’m better than that and needed to move on.

And your stripped-back version is so gorgeous – what made you want to really slow it down and show this side of your performance style?
Thank you, I really love acoustic and stripped back versions cause it can really transform the song and take it to a different place. I normally just sit at home in my bedroom singing and playing songs on the guitar, so that is definitely my happy place and I like sharing that.

How did the collaboration with ZieZie come about?
I’ve always wanted to work with Ziezie since I was like 17 when “Fine Girl” came out so it’s a bit mad saying I have a song with him now! His manager hit me up and then we got in the studio and had a sick session. The vibes were there and I really think ZieZie’s verse makes the song!

What do you hope listeners will take from the track?
I hope they pattern up! And stop texting that someone who never texts back!

What’s next for you and what are you excited about in 2020?
I’m gassed to just be releasing music that I’m super proud of, honestly the best feeling.