The LA-hailed three-piece outfit are back with their heart-thumping electro-rock hit.

Jimkata Wanna Go Press Pic Jackets
Jimkata Wanna Go Press Pic Jackets

Some songs instantly envelope you in a sense of intrigue, like the possibility of adventure at the beginning of a night out on a summer evening. And that is exactly the feeling offered up on a platter in “Bonfires”, the enthralling new hit from three-piece outfit Jimkata.

Based out of Ithaca and Los Angeles, the electro-rock act – comprised of Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch and Packy Lunn – have made a name for themselves with their heart-thumping amalgamation of swirling synths, soaring choruses, and infectious lyricism. And their latest track is no exception – the title track from their forthcoming album of the same name, Bonfires, expected in Spring 2021. A song about vulnerability in uncertain times and the comfort nostalgia and looking back can bring. We’ve all been there.

And the cinematic visuals are a gorgeous summer escapade, filled with retro refs, sunset-soaked skylines and general shenanigans.

“The past few years under this presidency have felt like dropping off into a deep, dark, and ugly abyss from which there may be no return,” explains Friedell. “It is easy to long for simpler times where you felt more sure of things. Though the idea that times were ever simpler may be an illusion unto itself. And so we find ourselves having to find the courage to face the flames, move through the ugliness, and hope it’s just a painful transition towards a better world.”

Watch the music video for “Bonfires” below…

The new album, Bonfires, is set for release in Spring 2021 worldwide. Pre-Orders, inclusive of limited edition vinyl & more are available now at jimkata.com