Lady Gaga, Flohio and Ava Max go HARD in this week’s Wonderlist.

Lady Gaga 911
Lady Gaga 911

Lady Gaga – “911”

“A POP MUSIC EMERGENCY IS UNDERWAY 911” tweeted a pre-pandemic Lady Gaga in 2013. She was, of course, talking about the misunderstood and boundary-breaking classic that is ARTPOP, but just last night she replied back to the tweet with a siren. What could it possibly mean? A nod to the loud noises ambulances and police cars make? Maybe. The more likely alternative – a warning that a super smash music video was coming for Chromatica hit “911”. We were hype for “Stupid Love” (you’re lying if you say otherwise), and the Ariana Grande featuring “Rain On Me”, but today’s unveiling of the barmy and impeccably costumed “911” blows them both clean out of the water. Take a look if you don’t believe me…

THEY. – “STCU (feat. Juicy J)”

Fusing laid-back garage rock with melodic R&B, LA-based duo (consisting of Dante Jones and Andrew “Drew Love” Neel) prove genre is no obstacle to their musical endeavours with latest track “STCU”. Featuring the one and only Juicy J, the chilled tune talks all things guns, girls and guts. It’s erotic, catchy and terribly, terribly feel good.

FLOHIO – “Unveiled”

Back with a bang, Bermondsey-hailing rapper FLOHIO goes beyond hard for her second single of the year, titled “Unveiled”. The fast-flowed track accompanies news of a forthcoming mixtape, which will have fans and critics alike salivating for even more her hip-swaying tunes. For now though, a video rivalling the chaos of the song is all we’re getting! The calamitous video takes inspiration from Pandora’s Box, with cameras flitting between claustrophobic four-walled spaces bathed in heavy orange light or total darkness, containing Flohio and a cast of head-bopping zombies who might even love the track more than we do. If you couldn’t tell already… we’re kind of obsessed.

ZAND – “Slut Money”

The best thing to come out of Blackpool since “Sophie Aspin (Send)”, ZAND’s “Slut Money” will stop you right in your tracks this New Music Friday. Squelchy bass underpins this twisted Circus-esque track, which at its core is a swipe at whorephobes and an ode to those who are shamed for demonstrating their right to bodily autonomy and sexual liberation. “If you ain’t paying/don’t expect shit from me,” is a mantra we’ll carry to the grave.

Ava Max – “Naked”

Ava Max is the pop girl stan twitter just can’t seem to make up their mind on. It seemed she was almost plucked out of nowhere when the chart-dominating “Sweet But Psycho” infiltrated the airwaves, and opinions were certainly split. With her debut album, Heaven & Hell, now finally entering the nether, “Naked” is the song that will flummox the naysayers. This is pop at its most shimmery and divine, not too serious, but equally quite deep and effortlessly catchy. It could easily be one of Carly Rae Jepsen’s best b-sides (of which there are tons), so kudos to Miss Max, and congrats on the debut!

Ora Violet – “Delicious”

Inspired by the likes of Serge Gainsborough, Henry Miller and Chuck Palahainuk, Ora Violet’s rumbling new rock-cut “Delicious” is certainly a tune that’ll wet your whistle. The song tells the story of a man, in love with a woman, who was born a man, with the song’s lyrics forming a duet meant to be sung from both sides of the relationship. The man is hopeless of course, and the love unrequited, but it’s a couples karaoke tune that would rival Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman if you busted it out at Canavans.

Jannine Weigel – “Passcode”

Having cracked Thailand with her ultra-catchy pop tunes, multi-faceted artist Jannine Weigel is well on her way toward world domination, dazzling us with new single “Passcode” as she stops off on the way. The song itself is a dreamy little house number, peppered with funk-filled guitars and round synths. It’s accompanying head-spinning video is even more reason to stan, chock-full of colourful antics and neon-lit bikes. Literally what else could you want? We see colossal things in the future of this Lil Wayne vetted star.

Bailey Slater