The R&B singer talks fashion, creativity and her dreams of opening her own amusement park.

Kaash Paige
Kaash Paige

There’s been a huge flurry of young R&B stars breaking into the scene in recent years, with the likes of Summer Walker and Ella Mai snatching up Grammys and topping singles charts. Now next up and ready to take the world by storm, is rising singer Kaash Paige. Exploring her fears and personal insecurities with her soul-filled vocals, the Def Jam signee is racking is millions of streams with her ethereal and guitar-fronted R&B love songs – which are sure to comfort you during those in-your-feels moments.

Her viral smash hit “Love Songs” catapulted the singer into the spotlight, and led fans to create viral challenges on TikTok and covers on SoundCloud to the emotional tune. The song caused such a buzz that Def Jam signed the singer when she was just a high school senior. Working with legends in the game such as Travis Scott and TDE’s Isaiah Rashad, the singer is building up to become an R&B tour de force. We caught up with the singer talking quarantine, her big dreams and all the music she is soon to bless us with.

Check out the interview below…

As an R&B prodigy, how do you get inspired and stay disciplined to create?
I’m always on that you have to keep going and elevate, and just always grow. I’m 19 years old I still have time to talk about stuff that I haven’t experienced yet, so just know that I still have a life to live and things will talk about it just makes me just live life more

Do you see yourself going into other artistic endeavours?
Of course. I want to invest in my own amusement park, invest into my own cartoon show and really just show the world that Kaash Paige is more than just music. It’s an actual brand and it’s somebody that actually loves being ambitious and you know completing these endeavours

You grew up in Austin, TX, does that not seem like a place that fosters a lot of R&B? Is there a lot of local support?
There’s a lot of local support, I used to feel as if nobody really supported me. Because when you’re in your own city, you’re gonna feel like hey, people don’t really support you if it’s not all the retweets in the world or it’s not everybody talking about you, but as I started to grow more, I started to see more support in my city and I really appreciate it.

How has the pandemic been for you?
The pandemic just made me like plot and strategize ten steps ahead and just know what I want in life and just manifest that and just keep going all the time and everyday and be productive

Has anything positive come from it?
Of course, just remaining sane and remaining healthy and just happy.. You know happiness first before anything

What advice do you have for the other young inspiring artists?
The advice I have for other artists is just to be you and not care about any opinions on you and just live your life for you and be happy all the time and just you know if it’s your passion you know to continue to create and do your own passion. Don’t live for anybody else in the world

Which designers do you like most?
Honestly, I like AWGE and ASAP Rocky’s collection, I like Bape, Supreme, you know I like Baby Goat. I’m creating my own right now so I just wanna create a lot of new trends and set a lot of new trends that people can continue to follow

Share with us something you’d like your current and future fans to know about you that you have not yet shared.
I love alternative rock music… I’m a hippy at heart. I’m super-cool and I treat everybody how I want to be treated and just live life to the fullest. I’m a free spirit and I don’t care.

What is your highest hope for your music and your career?
My highest hope is to become the biggest artist in the world and just set a trend of being cool and not caring what anybody has to think about you, and just be you.


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