The singer-songwriter drops her serene summer feel-good tune.

Lucia McWilliams video still approved 1
Lucia McWilliams video still approved 1

Emerging artist Lucy McWilliams is capturing our hearts with her new single “Runaway”. Written and recorded in lockdown, Lucy takes us a through a bold tune with rich productions and addictive rhythms. McWilliams’ vocals has us reminiscing of summer with her soul-tinged voice and adventurous persona.

Speaking on the single, the singer said, “Runaway is the first solo track I’ve put out, so it’s really special to me. I’m really happy that I got to make the video for it back in Berlin with all my friends. We had so much fun, and it felt so good to get back to some kind of normality after lockdown! That’s what the song’s about really, so felt it was important to replicate that in the video…”

The 20-year-old has already been making waves in the industry, with her collab with Malaki “Fair Play” hitting one million streams as well as taking over the airwaves. With hopefully more music on the way, we’re keeping a close eye on Lucy McWilliams and we think you should too.

Check out the tune below…