Afternoon Upper East Siders, we’ve got an update on the upcoming reboot.

Gossip Girl cast
Gossip Girl cast

We’ve been waiting for months for an update on the highly anticipated reboot, and finally, our fellow Upper East Siders are satisfied as production is scheduled to start next month. The HBO Max reboot is set to be filming over the course of autumn and winter, after various COVID-19 delays. While it won’t technically be a reboot as new actors won’t be stepping into Blair Waldorf’s Louis Vuitton shoes, the series will be a continuation of their world with new stars and ever-bitchy drama.

The 10-episode series will focus on a fresh bunch of mini S’s and B’s, battling it out on who can be the next queen of Constance, but with the power of social media thrown into the mix who knows what could happen. The only original cast member confirmed to be returning to the show is narrater Kristen Bell, among a fresh new cast including Thomas Doherty and Whitey Peak. With the release date set for sometime next year, we’ll be sure to keep you updated xoxo.