A new chapter. From Gossip Girl to the second season of Amazon’s gritty superhero triumph The Boys: the actor covers Man About Town.

Chace Crawford covers Man About Town
Chace Crawford covers Man About Town

Over a decade ago, Chace Crawford stole hearts as Upper East Side man about town Nate Archibald in beloved teen series Gossip Girl – but let’s just say we’ve entered the next chapter of the American actor.

They say never meet your heroes. And for Amazon’s gritty superhero triumph, The Boys, which exploded onto our screens last year, and is back today for its highly-anticipated second season – the adage couldn’t carry a darker truth. In the satirical world of The Boys, superheroes have gone corporate, and corrupt, with the black comedy following an anti-superhero unit designed to keep them in line. Crawford has raised eyebrows and won acclaim for his nuanced and disturbing portrayal of the Deep, a twisted and insecure predator using his superhero veneer to prey on vulnerable women.

Now, the multi-faceted actor fronts Man About Town 2020 – Chapter 2, wearing Dsquared2 and an Omega watch. Pre-order your copy of the issue…

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