The Indie-psych duo on their atmospheric new observation of love in the modern age, “Headspin”.

Hi Frisco Headspin press shot
Hi Frisco Headspin press shot

There’s never been a more apt description of that all-consuming and disorientating feeling of falling for someone than the word “Headspin” – the name of the brand new track from indie-psych duo Hi Frisco.

And that’s exactly what the love song looks at: a relationship struggling against the choppy waters of modern life, trying its best to survive.

Sonically, the duo have been making waves for a while now with their brand of introspective textured production, and “Headspin” is no exception, with its psychedelic soundscape littered with warped synths and crashing percussion. This married with the heavenly vocals of Amy Spencer from London-based duo Charlotte Spiral – and it’s a certified sure hit.

We caught up with Hi Frisco – comprised of Henry and Felix – and talked early inspirations, lockdown, and the anxieties of modern life.

Hi guys, how has lockdown treated you? How do you feel like it’s influenced you creatively or changed your outlook?
Hello! I mean it’s been nothing short of bizarre, hasn’t it? Neither of us have been able to work much, if at all, so having a lot of free time has been pretty amazing, but also overwhelming. There have been baron weeks and creative hot streaks a like, the ebbe and flow mentally has been pretty tough, but we try to stay positive amidst the madness! 

Henry and Felix, how did you guys meet?
We met through the institution that was Birthdays on Dalston’s Kingsland road about 6 years ago. Felix played match maker with me and my girlfriend and we’ve been together ever since.

How did growing up in Blackpool and Yorkshire affect you sonically? Who did you grow up listening to? 
Henry: In Blackpool I grew up with the Beatles, and the beach boys predominantly, totally fell in love with the harmonies and beautifully weird chord choices within. We also had a lot of Bowie, T. Rex, Motown and Northern Soul in the house before I found Nirvana, The Vines, and a lot of punk old and new, in my teens. 
Felix: I think growing up in the north gives you an affinity for certain bands, sounds and cultures, for me I guess it was a lot of Manchester acts of the factory records era, basically anything Martin Hannett touched. Also a major influence for me was anything my music mad dad rammed down mine and my sisters throats, a lot of the Beatles, The Clash and television but also a lot of more modern stuff that I’d grow to love like Wilco, Flaming Lips and Sigur Ros.

How did you come up with the name Hi Frisco?
The name came from a greeting in a book called Atlas Shrugged, it was one of the few bright sounding phrases throughout, had a certain ring to it. 

And how would you describe your genre?
Erm, always a tough question… Let’s keep it simple and go with Indie/psychedelia. 

Congratulations on your new single “Headspin” – what was it inspired by? 
Henry: It’s inspired by relationships, the anxiety and stresses of modern life, the good fortune of finding someone who understands and accepts you flaws and all… it’s a love song. 

Felix: I think when I heard the demo and the BV’s that Henry had done I wanted to make it into a cold wave meets the Shirelles type thing. Not sure it totally turned out like that but I did get a white noise snare and lots of digital reverb in there.

And it’s taken from your debut album Goodbye, Blue Monday – tell us about the name?
Making the album was hugely cathartic, we were both going through some pretty heavy stuff whilst making it, and the album absorbed a lot of that weight. Being able to write songs has been therapeutic for both of us, the title seems to fit that feeling, letting go of the blues. 

Was it nerve-wracking deciding what to put in your first finalised body of work? 
We wrote a few that didn’t make it on to “GBBM”, which we still really love, but just didn’t fit, so yeah, it was tough having to cut songs that you’re in to, I’m sure we’ll find a place for them.

What was the biggest challenge?
Henry: Honestly? Taking enough time off work to make it. 
Felix: Knowing when it was done and being able to live with it without minute bits bothering us. 

What’s next for you? What are you excited about in 2020?
Super excited for the album to out, but other than that I think we’re quite excited for it to end, forza ‘21! 


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