The indie-rock band are making sure we are set for summer with their latest feel-good hit.

Two Weeks in Nashville
Two Weeks in Nashville

Rising indie band Two Weeks In Nashville currently have us addicted to their new single “All About Now”. With infectious guitars melodies and crooning vocals, the indie band propel us into a mid-noughties teen flick with this bouncy tune. Taken from their forthcoming debut album PAPER PLANES AND RAZOR BLADES, the collective entwined their signature rock sound with upbeat melodies for a rocking summer track.

Speaking on the single, the band’s lead guitarist Billy LeRiff said, “The song is about when people come together and live in the moment. This was the first song and starting point for the album. It was only after recording it on our first trip to Nashville that we thought we had found a sound and direction. Nashville is such a happening place; it’s a music city and is very positive and the people are very loving. We wanted to write something that channels and spreads that message and the feeling we had! It’s all about us; it’s all about love, it’s all about now.”

The band consisting of Billy Leriff, Jonny Faires, Marc De Luca and Ian Wilson have been blending their love for extravagant rock with their raw energy for a while, setting them apart from their counterparts. We caught up with the group talking their creative process, inspirations and what’s next.

Check out the interview below…

Who are your biggest musical influences?
We are all into different artists and genres, but when we think about our biggest influences for me my first big moment was hearing Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” on the radio in 2003. That made me want to play rock-n-roll from then on! For all of us though, it was just listening to 60s/70s bands that our parents would put on around the house when we were growing up. It’s the same music that inspired us to write and play live; The Stones, The Who, The Beatles and in the last few years also really getting into U2 and Coldplay and the way they modernise and evolve their sound. It’s just the rawness, energy and positivity they bring in their music and live shows that really got us hooked!

Talk us through the writing process?
In an ideal world, we gather eight snails, assign a different chord to each of them, then race them. The first four across the lines are then used in the order they arrived. However, it’s actually very mixed. We’re always writing together and individually, we like to write about things we’ve experienced or people close to us have been through, that’s where we are inspired the most! A song could literally come from anywhere though. We’ll all bring in our own ideas and it really becomes a TWIN track when we all put our own stamp on it. In the studio, the writing experience has been great fun and it is a different experience for us all as well. For the debut album Paper Planes and Razor Blades, Nashville showed us a new message, we wanted to write positive lyrics and things to help people escape from what’s going on in the world at the moment.

You sold out two headline shows in London earlier this year and then COVID came and live stopped – what does the year have in store for you?
Yes, we can’t believe the support we had on our first few shows! We can’t thank everyone enough that travelled and got tickets to the shows. We are definitely missing that big part of the band, and seeing as there’s no touring for the foreseeable future, we are planning to continue our TWIN Live 20 shows. We’re hoping to do one a month and have a different support band that we request for on our socials for each show to help out other bands that can’t play shows during this strange time. You can expect much more music too, we have our debut album that’s due to come out towards the end of the year. We’re working on more music videos from home with Jonny doing the editing, so get strapped in!

Where did the name TWO WEEKS IN NASHVILLE come from?
If you haven’t been to Nashville, we couldn’t recommend it more! We were lucky enough to go there to experience it to help try and lift us out of a hole in terms of writing. There’s a reason why it’s known as Music City. On the main strip in Broadway, it’s literally live music 24/7! We fell in love with Nashville and really found our sound there working with different people. It was just such a change of scene and really opened our eyes, everyone was so positive, full of energy and welcoming. Two Weeks In Nashville just seemed so obvious and a great fit.

How would you describe your sound?
Our sound is 60s/70s rock-n-roll with a modern twist. In the studio, we really wanted to capture the rawness and energy of the old bands we grew up listening too. We recorded everything live in one room and Brian Harris, our producer, was very on it in terms of capturing this sound. He made us leave everything in live, mistakes and all. The modern twist comes from the lyrics and the new sounds we’re inspired by at the moment!


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