On her 23rd birthday, we revisit some of Kylie Jenner’s best moments in the spotlight, from memes to iconic Met Gala looks.

We count down Kylie Jenner's most iconic moments for her birthday
We count down Kylie Jenner's most iconic moments for her birthday

I don’t know about you, but Kylie Jenner must be feeling 22 (plus 1!). Yes, the rise-and-shining multimillionaire and former Wonderland cover girl turns 23 today, and what a year it’s been. From Forbes scandals, trips across the globe and enough drama to fill several seasons of any E! Network-helmed project, we hope she’s having a chill one and bingeing Selling Sunset on Netflix as one should on their birthday.

How are we celebrating this soon-to-be national holiday you might ask? What better way for us to commemorate the occasion than to recount the mogul’s best moments from her time in the spotlight. Let us deep dive into the KardashianJenner meme and fashion archive and give thanks to Kris Jenner for all the laughs. We love you!

Rise and Shine

I can almost taste the breakfast I had the morning this earth-shattering video dropped. A little context – Kylie was touring her new LA office for some A+ Youtube content when she went into the nursery she built for Stormi. Staged or unstaged, this iconic 3 word scene absolutely exploded the internet, resulting in millions of tweets, t-shirts & hoodies. Someone even remixed the video for a little-edm tune, and they say music is dead!


Jenner has been somewhat out of headlines in the last few months, as folks were generally more focused on the deadly virus sweeping the world. This would all change in one of 2020’s biggest pop culture moments to date, when Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion teamed up for feel-good sex anthem “WAP” this past Friday. The visually-arresting video which accompanied the track is it’s own beast entirely, with look after iconic look and some insane guest appearances (we see you Normani!). Fans were beyond shook at the sight of Jenner in a leopard leotard and knee-high moment, with Cardi B even tweeting a meme of the video – what a crazy world we live in huh?

Baby Kylie

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Dude where’s my couture

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Ok – this is a bit of a throwback for all the nostalgia-heads out there. There’s a lot to unpack here as this is baby Kylie, pre all the spin-offs, cosmetic empires and Stormi. Accompanied by her sister Kendall and bestie Stassie, the crew are all clad in full Juicy tracksuits complete with cheetah print ugg boots. We’ve always known Kylie has been a fashion icon since day dot, but more on than later…

Is that a little chicken?

Ummm… no. This legendary KUWTK scene pretty much speaks for itself, and is presented without comment as a legendary Kylie moment. Perhaps the most poignant visual artwork of the 2010’s we think.

Realising Things…

For some reason way back in 2016, all the Kardashian crew seemed to have apps. Khloe would show fans how to make decorative M&M bowls, Kourtney would take us through eating a Kit Kat and Kim even had her own (super addictive) game. On Kylie’s app, this innocent Q&A teaser would unintentionally break the internet for absolutely no reason at all. She was right though, we were and have since always been realising things.


This one is a bit of a gag. Stories broke in 2017 about a trademark battle brewing between the Calabasas native against pop icon and rosé aficionado Kylie Minogue. The dispute focused on the use of the Kylie name in regards to branding – with Minogue quite obviously getting a headstart by about 2 decades. Jenner ultimately lost, but the gracious Minogue did give her thanks for introducing her to an entirely new audience in America.

Met Gala

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning this total jaw-dropper at last year’s Met Gala. The Met’s exhibition theme was Camp – and for her third appearance at the star-studded event, Jenner brought it in spade loads, donning bespoke Versace no less. Whether you’re a fan of her or not, between the intricately detailed mesh beading and those bloody orgasmic feathers, you’d be hard-pressed to deny this fit is nothing less than an absolute serve.


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