The husband and wife duo drop their new sumptuous pop-rock tune.

Loud Forest drop their new album 17
Loud Forest drop their new album 17

Some people are just made to make music together and husband and wife duo Loud Forest are no different. The rock-pop duo have dropped their new single “Somebody Who Loves Me” today fusing their love for art with vibrant synths and layered vocals. The tune debuts bold instrumentation throughout the song, incorporating ethereal vocals with rock undertones for a lively song which is sure to keep your body moving.

Speaking on the release, the duo said, “This song is about love, meeting each other when we were really young in Costa Rica, crazy young wild emo love, but also very much about finding our own identity outside of each other.”

Bernard and Rachel Chadwick have been capturing the heart of thousands for a while now with their insightful and relatable lyricism in their music. The duo are soon to drop their long-awaited album and we can’t wait to see what the duo have in store.

Check out the single below…