The 25-year-old singer gives us a crash course in the tunes he just can’t stop playing.

Nick Wilson playlist
Nick Wilson playlist

Who else would be better suited in schooling us on the world’s most emotive tunes than Nick Wilson? The Buckinghamshire-helmed alt-pop star is sure to have popped up on your radar over the years whether it be supporting Gabrielle Aplin and Saint Raymond, or bewitching you with his captivating voice and lyrical genius on tracks like “Miles Apart” and “All The Same”.

With 75 million Spotify streams to date and a growing army of emotive fans resonating with his deeply personal tracks, Wilson’s new single “Enough To Know You” (out now) will not disappoint. The song is a change of pace for Wilson, a reminder to himself that “it’s never usually as bad as it seems.” In lieu of this, Wilson lets us glean a little more from his life by revisiting all the songs that made him the talent he is today. From Coldplay to Lorde, crank up the volume and get into this impeccably curated mix.

Check it out below…

Bon Iver – “Beach Baby”

You can’t really get more ‘filmic’ than Bon Iver, can you? I think my favourite Bon Iver record is the Blood Bank EP, and Beach Baby is maybe my favourite track on it. The perfect soft vocal, the washy electric that comes in towards the end. So so good. This is the “post argument between two people which brings in the third act” part of the film.

S Carey – “In The Stream (alt version)”

I discovered S Carey through Bon Iver (he’s the drummer) and his solo project is so beautiful. This song is my go to reference for strings in music. I first heard this version on a bus hungover and I cried haha. It’s gorgeous in every way. I’d put this towards the end of the film for sure, for the perfect “resolve disagreements” scene.

Phoebe Bridgers – “Punisher”

This whole album is just too good, but I love this song. The keys on it are so warm and heartbreaking at the same time, and the classic Phoebe vocal is in full force here. I’m thinking it would go somewhere towards the beginning of the film, lead character discovering something or someone.

Noah Gundersen – “California”

This one was actually a B side to Noahs 3rd album, so not many people have heard it, but it’s one of his best. It’s got that lofi “band” thing that fits so well with one of the best male vocals on the scene. Reminds me of California, coincidentally. This could be a film ending song for sure, straight to credits afterwards.

Lennon Stella – “Goodnight”

This has some really interesting melodies/production and I love it, I also love Lennon’s voice so so much. Definitely the best female vocalist at the moment in my opinion. I could see this song closing out an argument scene. It just has that tension of something having happened before it.

Lorde – “Supercut”

This whole album is maybe one of the best pop albums ever made, it’s hard to argue against that. This song just has everything a good pop song could need, tender and emotional parts but then also driving loud moments. Super interesting production on it too. This is for the “montage” scene that every coming of age film has to have, right?

Joni Mitchell – “Both Sides Now”

Because have you seen Love, Actually? This is the most heartbreaking scene in it. It’s brutal.

Harry Styles – “Cherry”

Man Harry Styles is just the coolest person. This song feels super vintage but then also has this beach/surf vibe to it. It just sounds like summer and I’m not sure why…

Coldplay – “O”

The piano in this song matched with chris martins vocal is just perfection. One of the best Coldplay songs in my opinion. It would just fit so well in a film. Why hasn’t it been done yet. WHY.


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