The rising star talks her new EP, TikTok hits and her big dreams for the future.

Erin Bloomer close up
Erin Bloomer close up

With three million streams tucked firmly under her belt and a ever-growing fan base, teenage sensation Erin Bloomer is primed for greatness. Having released her latest single “Second Best” earlier this year, the singer is making sure young girls are empowered to work things out over glittering melodies and heavy bass lines.

Explaining the meaning behind her latest single, Bloomer said, “The song is about feeling like you come second to everything and everyone else in someone’s list of priorities; I wrote it for one of my close friends who was going through a tough situation in order to try and put her feelings into a song, and to turn something sad into something nicer.”

Bloomer first gained attention from her cover videos on Instagram, before making her stellar debut with hit single “Right Love, Wrong Time” – which caught approval from the likes of BBC Radio. We caught up with the singer-songwriter talking the new single, lockdown and what’s next.

Check out the interview below…

Hi Erin, how is lockdown for you?
On balance, it’s ok! I was still at school about to take my A-levels when lockdown started. We had literally 48 hours’ notice that we were leaving school for good I’m not gonna lie, not taking the actual exams is a big plus so I can’t really complain, but it meant that we also missed out on all the fun end of year stuff too. Since then I’ve just been at home with my family working on new music and Zooming all my friends.

How has it impacted your creativity?
At first, I was just catching up on sleep after the sudden change in pace! As it’s gone on, I’ve been making more stuff for social media which I haven’t had so time to do before — I got obsessed with TikTok and done a couple of drive-with-me videos for Instagram. I also made tie-dye t-shirts and masks, which I’m sending out to fans! I’ve been writing music and have tons of ideas flying about but I do miss going into the studio… I like to bounce ideas off other people too and just the general atmosphere.

Tell us about the moment you realised you wanted to make music?
I don’t think that there was ever really a specific moment, but I’ve always loved singing and music because I grew up around it as my dad is obsessed. I reckon if I had to pick a moment it would be when my covers blew up on Instagram because then I was like ‘wow, I could actually take this somewhere’ whereas before it had just been a bit of a fantasy

Where did you grow up and how did it influence you musically?
I was born in East Sussex, just a few miles from where I still live, near Rye by the coast. It’s pretty artisan round here, lots of musicians and artists etc so just seems to be quite a creative space. I also went to the same school as Keane, they were one of the first bands that I saw live – I think I was eight! My dad also loves to play his music really loud, so I’d learnt the lyrics to loads of OG bands like Bad Company and Queen when I was a baby!

Erim Bloomer pink dress with dog
Erim Bloomer pink dress with dog
Erim Bloomer pink dress with dog
Erim Bloomer pink dress with dog

You’ve written so many of your songs for friends, trying to turn bad situations into something more fruitful – would you say it’s always been a priority making impactful music that resonates with people’s emotions?
Yes definitely, when I wrote the first two tracks for my EP, I wanted people to enjoy what they were hearing but I also wanted them to feel empowered and strong. “Second Best” is more exposed and the acoustic version is pretty raw but I love it, I felt that it was time to release something a bit more vulnerable. I like to write conversationally about things which are personal to me or those around me, I want everything to feel real.

Do you find it difficult putting out such vulnerable stories?
I don’t think so, it’s hard to explain, but I think the fact that I’m putting it out in a musical form feels a lot easier than if I were to just say it out loud – which would be a lot more intimidating. I also always feel it’s worth putting them out there because you never know who needs to hear it and can possibly relate.

What’s been the best feedback you’ve received on “Second Best”?
Firstly, hearing it played on BBC Radio 1 was pretty intense and lots of people tell me they can really relate to it but, the best compliment is other people covering it – that is sick.

What’s next for you? What are you excited by?
Well, my first EP comes to the end this week with the acoustic version of “Second Best”. The EP is called “Cherry3101”, which was actually the name of my Moshi Monsters character when I was a kid. I wanted to call it that because all the songs were written whilst I was still at school and were done for my friends, so I wanted something to represent that time and being young and a little naive. Now I’m writing my second EP — I’ve set up a studio in my room so I’m making all the music and visuals at home. Also, I just did a collab with Imanbek and Rasster on the “SAD XXX” remix. It’s blowing up on TikTok and everyone seems to love it which is amazing! It’s got a real summer vibe and I am still unbelievably excited about it. Finally, I can’t wait till I can start touring, those plans were put on hold with the pandemic, but in the meantime, It’s gonna be sick to get some new music out and see where it takes me.

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