The French producing duo reflect on the past decade together and discuss what the next chapter entails.

Synapson drop their new single with Flavia Coelho
Synapson drop their new single with Flavia Coelho

With a career spanning over a decade and two platinum-certified albums, producer-duo Synapson are ready to open the doors to a new chapter with their third single “Illuminar”. Joining forces with Flavia Coelho, “Iluminar” skillfully mixes Brazilian beats with touches of reggae and funk for a thrilling feel-good track. The French duo’s new track follows their collaboration with legendary Malian singer Oumou Sangare for “Bensema” and second single “Yise” with South African singer Bongeziwe Mabandla

Speaking on their new upcoming project, the duo said, “We find it interesting to mix our productions with voices from around the world. The idea is to discover new sounds and produce world fusion music. Get out of the British and American habit. We made our name with Maya Djon Mai. The group is 10 years old now and we want to go back to our first love. Have musical encounters and offer a new destination to listeners with each of our pieces.”

With more than 100 concerts last year and daily DJ sets on YouTube, the duo continue to unify and bring to gather a large community of techno aficionados with their effervescent world music. We sat down with the duo reflecting on their 10 years together, the new track and what the next chapter entails.

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Hi guys, how has lockdown been treating you? How have you been staying creative?
Lockdown was fine, although many gigs were cancelled because of the quarantine, we’ve used this time to do a lot of studio work. We prepared a lot of tracks and remixes to be released in the following months. We’re looking forward to being back on the road again.

Where did you guys grow up and how did this influence your sound?
Paul grew up in the south of France and Alex near Paris. We both started playing music very young. Alex started to learn piano when he was four meanwhile, Paul was scratching on turntables thanks to his big brother. We came from different styles but that made our brand stronger. As music lovers, we listen to and love many different musical styles. We try our best to mix all these influences for Synapson’s music.

How did you both meet and what do you each bring to the act?
We met each other in Biarritz in the south-west of France, 20 years ago. We started the Synapson project in Paris 10 years ago, but it really was something we’d started building since we were teenagers. The fact that we lived in the same city when we 22-years-old allowed us to bring the project to life.

Congratulations on your new track “Illuminar” – how did you get Flavia Coelho involved?\
We met each other during festivals. The idea to make music together is not new but we just had to find the time to do it and we finally did! We already did a track together for our first album but we never released the track. So we’re very happy to share this new one five years later. The track is fresh and makes us dance. It’s a real summer vibe. Flavia’s got a crazy flow. She is one of the most versatile artist I know. She spends days in the studio. It looks easy when you see her in the studio or on stage but she is a hard-working girl.

What is the track inspired by?
Flavia wrote a different version at first. But during the quarantine, we decided to do a new one. The first version was too close with what we did on the last album. We really want to write a new chapter for Synapson that’s why we made this choice. Lucky for us Flavia approved it.

What do you hope people will take away from the track?
The different flows of Flavia. She did many styles in this track and we really enjoyed it. Also, the choice to have a melody on the chorus. At last the 2nd drums pattern at 1min37. I think we got a nice cocktail in the end.

You’ve been doing daily DJ sets on YouTube and podcasts – why is it important for you to find new ways of engaging with your fans?
We couldn’t just stop doing gigs without finding another way to connect with the people who enjoy being in touch with us. We make music so we can share it with others. Since the beginning, we’ve been moving around a lot to bring our music to life with as many people as possible. The current crisis has to be an opportunity to invent new ways to share music. Our show Boxson is born thanks to the confinement and we hope to make it last. We’re also thinking about driving a van along the French west coast and make stops in different cities to perform DJ sets. We’re looking to keep the sharing alive.

How do you think your sound has developed and progressed from when you first started out 10 years ago?
We like to say that we’re in control of the whole audio chain. We compose, we arrange, we mix and master ourselves. It took time to get there and it’s an art that can always be improved. This pushes us to work even more and to always be curious about this art that we enjoy above everything else. We’d like to thank all the people we’ve met and worked with over the years who taught us nearly everything we know today. Every studio session still teaches us a lot. I think this passion for production is fed by the will to always keep learning.

What’s next for you? What are you excited about in 2020?
We’ve got a new album coming out. We did so many tracks we split it into two parts. One this year and the other one in 2021. There’s no release date yet, but we’re planning for the end of the year. It’s about a musical exploration of the world, digging for all diverse cultural influences. In the meantime, we’re stuck in the studio. We’re working on so many demos and trying to finish all the tracks that found a singer. We’ve just finished a track with Pongo which is coming in August. So stay tuned!


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