The BRIT Award winner talks new single “Wait for You”, and his upcoming album.

Tom Walker
Tom Walker

Having recorded his beautiful new single “Wait for You’” in lockdown, singer-songwriter Tom Walker has graced us with a breathtaking new video to accompany the track. Filmed separately by dancers from all over the world, the video captures a mixture of sadness and hope as various dancers interpret the emotional track during these difficult times. The heartwarming and uplifting song is full of strength and guidance, as Walker wrote the song for a friend who struggled during his teen years.

The winner of the BRIT’s “British Breakthrough Act” has taken the charts by storm in the past two years, amassing over two billion streams and multiple Platinum singles. With a new album on the way and brimming with more hits, we caught up with the star talking lockdown, the new single and what’s next.

Check out the interview below…

Hi Tom, how has lockdown been for you? How have you stayed creative?
I’ve stayed creative by building a little studio in my flat, nothing too special, I’ve got myself a nice mic and soundproofed all the walls. It’s been a little difficult coming up with song ideas, but I have written about 20-25 songs over the lockdown period.

How has your sound progressed since your debut album What A Time To Be Alive last year?
The sound is evolving naturally, which is cool. I was playing a lot more guitar in my live set than I was on the last record, so I wanted to incorporate a little more of that into the next album, it’s not a rock album but I just want the songs to translate live really well. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with drum sounds, like live drums, trap drums and hip-hop style beats and combining them to make that sounds brand new.

Lyrically, do you think your writing has become more in-depth and retrospective?
Lyrically, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the things that are important to me and the things that I’ve really missed during lockdown, simple things like seeing friends, family and being able to hug them. I guess I’ve just written a lot of songs about how we don’t realise how lucky we are and how we become so comfortable with our lives, that when it’s taken away it gives you chance to really reflect and realise how lucky we are.

Have you had a lot of feedback on how the album has taken on new meaning with everything that has happened recently?
Again, I’ve been writing about the things I really appreciate and I think trying to write songs about helping carry burdens for those around you during all the ups and downs of this lockdown. You have to try and be there for people as it’s been such a rollercoaster and some people struggle with that more than others, so checking up on those around you is super important.

Congrats on your new track “Wait For You” – it’s so deeply personal – how has it felt releasing music at a time like this?
Initially, I was apprehensive about releasing something whilst I was writing this album, but I had sent “Wait For You” to some friends and family, and even though I had wrote it before lockdown, we began recording remotely once the lockdown started as I couldn’t get to the studio, the song just felt like it captured this moment in time. It hit home for a lot of people and I got a lot of really good feedback, so it felt like the perfect opportunity for me to put something out for the fans.

I heard it was inspired by your friend – do you find it terrifying releasing something so vulnerable, or is it more important to do something like that?
There is always an element of being scared when I release something that’s so personal to someone so close to me, but that’s what I write about, all those nearest and dearest to me. I will always make sure that It never get’s back to that person and that they’re never brought into the spotlight, so I never give anything specific away. I just like to outline the story and that helps people attach their own meanings and personal experiences to the song which might help them get through anything they have to deal with. I think people are able to work out when something is real and when it’s not and that’s what they connect with, something real.

What has been the best piece of fan feedback you’ve had on your music?
I think “Leave a Light On”, it became so worldwide and I had fans from all over the planet tweeting or dm’ing saying thank you as that song had helped them through a tough time with themselves or a friend, family member, partner etc. There was something very special about how that song was perceived by the fans, everybody found their own story in it and made it extremely personal to them, it’s an amazing feeling to know my music is helping people through stuff.

What’s next for you?/What are you excited about for 2020?
Obviously 2020 is a bit of a weird one with not being able to gig, and in this industry that’s a huge part of what we do, so I feel we will be among the last to go back to work. I’ll be finishing my second album, which I’m so excited about and it’s coming along really naturally rather than having to rush anything. So there might be some more music towards the end of the year

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