Beabadoobee, renforshort, Kara Marni featuring Russ, and more feature in this week’s Wonderlist.

NIKI – “Selene”

“Selene” opens with a racing heartbeat rhythm, picking up with ethereal production and a funky, dance-friendly beat. Capturing the rush of a reckless alter ego taking control of her thoughts and body, Indonesian artist NIKI delivers its verses with a sense of exhilaration that’s palpable.

As the second single from her upcoming conceptual album Moonchild, the track represents the next chapter of a sonic allegory for three lunar phases: the innocence and curiosity of a crescent moon, hope and disillusionment signified by an eclipse, and the self-discovery and strength associated with a full moon. Mixing elements of R&B, pop, punk and country, the ten-track project explores identity and empowerment, and “Selene” feels like one of its most freeing moments. “It’s about pure sensuality and femininity,” NIKI explains. “I wanted to create a song specifically about the Goddess of the Moon, who possesses Moonchild for a brief moment of naiveté and recklessness.”

SCORS – “E the Real you”

Debut singles don’t tend to get as strong and serene as Scors’ “E The Real You”. Having supported Indie king Declan Mckenna on tour last year, the indie-rock quartet, hailing from South East London, are putting the pedal to the metal and claiming 2020 as their own.

The group have drawn comparisons to the likes of Mac Demarco, King Krule and Yellow Days, forming their woozy and floaty sound with added flourishes of jazz and soul. Accompanied by a hazy and subdued video of a captivating London skyline, “E The Real You” is a sort of ode to the melancholia of life.

“We talk about the loneliness and the fragility of growing up – with the expectations that were supposed to know what to do with our lives and get it all right the first time,” the boys explain. “We’re offered guidance but it’s never clear – especially when the guidance often lies under a corporate suit and monetary gain as the only form of real success.

Quarry – “Angels & Kings”

Looking for a Frank Ocean-esque fix for a lazy Friday afternoon? Well look no further than Quarry’s latest track “Angels & Kings”. This isn’t the first time Quarry has graced our Wonderlist, but this is the singers’ first single since being signed by Epic Records (Sony Music), which can only mean things are on the up for the Aylesbury-hailing artist.

This sultry slow-burner borders a fine line between being wistful and totally detached. “Last night you gave me something, I didn’t feel a thing / But ever since I woke up, I haven’t left a dream,” Quarry sings over slow rhythmic beats and a tinkering piano. Moody and blissful, this one is definitely worth adding to your monthly favourites.

Renforshort – “fuck, i luv my friends”

17-year-old singer-songwriter renforshort is back with a stripped-back new single about the most important people in her life – her day ones. Having put out her first EP earlier this year, the angsty rocker’s latest offering is packed with punchy guitars and soft vocal stylings.

“We’re all such a mess, lonely and depressed/Been so long and I can’t wait to see them all again,” ren exclaims of the current state of the world. Though locking down hasn’t been easy, the singer seems to have took it all in her stride to create some magic for not only her pals but her fans too.

Anna Straker – “London Knows”

Anna Straker is a multi-faceted artist through and through. Her previous tracks, electropop bangers “Sweat” and “Just Because”, posited Straker as a serious contender emerging in the music scene. “London Knows” is certainly no exception to this streak.

Straker’s vocal chops are right at the forefront of this tender ballad, which Straker wrote to help deal with feelings from personal trauma. “Last year, I was a victim of a sexual assault whilst on holiday in Bangkok. What started as a fun night out ended up with me being lost for hours, drugged with something so strong that I forgot my own name. It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me and I was traumatised.”

“I wrote this song about healing, and the uncertainty of recovery. Knowing I was going to feel better one day but not knowing when, and hoping that London will eventually feel like home again.”

Kara Marni featuring Russ – “Young Heart”

I think it’s about time we get into powerhouse vocalist Kara Marni’s new hit “Young Heart”. The soulful and romantic track, featuring Atlanta-based rapper Russ, is fast, free and fun. The pair’s chemistry on the track is sweeter than sweet, with an earworm of a chorus working it’s magic too. “I keep running round in these circles, but no it ain’t changing/Say I got a new purpose, but doing the same thing,” a self-aware Marni sings.

The adorably charming music video shows a cartoonified-Marni navigating all the complications love and the Internet bring. Her and Russ’ pixelated characters go through the motions of a turbulent romance until finally reconciling with the help of a pizza – what a dream.

beabadoobee – “Care”

Tik-tok breaking dream-poppers beabadoobee’s latest tune “Care” is some of the Dirty Hit artist’s best work yet. Sitting pretty at 3:14 the track is rocky, poppy and a bit head-boppy as Bea Kristi’s sweet and prodding voice dances between reverberated shrilling guitars and tinkering drum beats. When you’re on the tube acting as the main character in a drama about your life – this would definitely be playing during the title credits.


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